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Ever given birth in a car?Back

Giving birth is something that millions of women across the world have experienced, or will experience at some point during their lifetime. Thankfully, it is considered a very low-risk affair to labour a child into this world in the twenty-first century. In fact, people are becoming so laid back about giving birth that I’ve recently come across several stories related to women actually giving birth in their car!

Despite this obviously not being the woman’s ideal choice of location in which to pop out a brand new baby, all of the stories I have heard about have luckily had happy outcomes, proving that cars in this day and age can certainly be versatile when necessary!

One of the best stories I have heard about came from the Sullivan family in Leicester. The drive from the couple’s home to Leicester Royal Infirmary was usually five minutes, but they ran into a traffic jam on the city’s inner ring road on a busy Saturday afternoon. With the traffic at a standstill and the birth of their child imminent, Mr Sullivan pulled over in his Peugeot 307, and calmly delivered his 8lb 2oz daughter into this world single-handedly. In fact, closed circuit television operators who witnessed the birth were so moved by the event that they tracked the couple down and actually presented them with a video of the birth!

This story led me to thinking about the importance of being prepared for every eventuality when driving a car, so it’s well worth considering the key items you may need to keep in your car if you are due to give birth anytime soon. In fact, a friend of mine who is a dog groomer was thankful she had towels for her dogs in the back of her car when her waters broke on the way to hospital recently!

It is a good idea to also keep a couple of blankets in your car boot, particularly if you live in a remote area. A recent story I heard regarding another couple whose baby was delivered in their car found themselves short of blankets during a cold day in January, even once the ambulance services had arrived.

So, if you’re pregnant or due to give birth soon, don’t just think about what to pack in your hospital suitcase, think about what to keep in your car too. As the above stories prove, it certainly does not hurt to be prepared for every eventuality!

Posted by Leana Kell on 18/04/2012