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Ideal snacks for family journeysBack

Car journeys can be a real drag if you have kids to entertain in the back and it can be hard to think about ways to keep them from getting bored. But one of the methods of entertainment we often forget about is the power of food! It is amazing what a selection of snacks can do to while away some vital time when you’re stuck in the car.

The team at Trusted Dealers have come up with a selection of food and drinks, designed to help entertain your brood on your next car journey.

Food for the driver

First and foremost, if you’ve a long drive ahead, it pays to pack some food which is suited to the driver – food packed with protein and fruit are the best items to take to keep you alert, and if you’ve a sweet tooth then a burst of sugar every so often will help too.

Preparing food for the car

When you’re preparing food for the car, it’s well worth considering the type of food which is suited to a confined space. Avoiding smelly foods is a good idea, and also food which is messy to eat and will generally get everywhere. Avoiding packing too many sugary foods is also a good tip – we all like a treat, but too much chocolate and sweets will not help when it comes to keeping the children calm.

What food should I pack?

Try to focus on packing simple food which does not need assembling; some of the best suggestions for food and snacks to eat in the car are listed below:

  • Fruit – sliced apple, berries and grapes, bananas
  • Dried fruit – raisins, fruit bars, apricots
  • Snacks – rice cakes, crisps, carrot and celery sticks, nuts, cheese sticks
  • Sandwiches – pack simple sandwiches without fancy fillings that might become messy
  • Treats – Cookies or less crumbly biscuits, pizza slices, small lolly pops
  • Drinks – fruit juice, small bottles of low sugar ready-made squash, water

Bring a cooler

Coolers have changed since the days when you used to have to cart a massive hard container around. They now come in all shapes and sizes and you can often get picnic bags which are a perfect size for the car and contain a cooling section within them. The advantage of taking a cooler is that your food and drink will be preserved for much longer, particularly if it’s a hot day.

Posted by Leana Kell on 08/03/2012