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Keeping cool behind the wheelBack

As a parent, it’s not always easy to keep your cool behind the wheel. Kids can be very demanding at the best of times, and when faced with a confined space for any length of time, the atmosphere can get heated.

The key to remaining calm on the road is to know when to react and when not to react to your kid’s demands, after all, the safety of you, your passengers and other road users is the priority.

One of the key things to always remember is that even a momentary lapse in concentration could cost lives, so next time your children are driving you insane in the car, it is well worth taking check of the following tips from the Trusted Dealers on making sure your journey is as safe and stress-free as possible.

Food and drink

Providing food and drink to your kids whilst driving can have a calming effect, but remember to stick to healthy snacks and avoid sugary food and fizzy drinks. Aim for food which takes as much time as possible to eat such as boxes or packets of small snacks. Snacks such as a box of raisins are a great idea for toddlers as they will need to spend a length of time actually extracting the raisins out.

Increase the gadgets

Make sure that your kids have plenty of gadgets stashed in the car to keep them amused even on shorter journeys. Stocking up on plenty of books and toys will help keep them occupied so you can avoid turning round to them, and remain completely focused on the road ahead.

Minimise the music

Encourage your children to listen to iPods or MP3 players as opposed to playing music from the car stereo. Changing a CD or choosing a new album to play on the iPod might seem like a small and simple task but if it is taking your eyes away from the road then it is a danger. Music can also be a distraction as it means that other passengers will then feel the need to shout over it, causing even more unnecessary noise and stress within the car.

Mobile phones

If you do have to use your mobile phone whilst driving, then it is legal to do so as long as you carry an approved hands free kit as opposed to trying to balance the phone in your hand. It is against the law to hold a phone whilst driving therefore you will need to invest in a proper earpiece with a holder or a Bluetooth device in order to be able to talk safely.

Take a break

If your journey is fairly long and the kids are getting bored and agitated then it’s well worth taking a break. There is nothing worse than pent up stress within a car and it is amazing what a stretch of the legs and a breath of fresh air can do for the kids, and for your sanity!


Posted by Leana Kell on 29/02/2012