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Keeping your car clean on the moveBack

Keeping your car clean may seem like an impossible task when you’re a busy mum on the go, but if you take note of a few simple tips from the Trusted Dealers, you’ll soon find that it’s quite easy to keep your car looking neat and tidy.

Firstly, it is well worth giving your car a clean at least once a month to avoid a build up of rubbish and disarray – the longer you leave it, the more you will end up putting the job off.

Storing a pack of bin bags in the glove compartment of the car is an excellent way to ensure that rubbish is taken away with you whenever you leave the car. You can even encourage your kids to take responsibility for collecting all the rubbish from the car after a journey if they are old enough.

To avoid clutter, minimise the amount of toys you allow your kids to bring in the car with them at any given time. Limit each child to one toy, or encourage them to bring a backpack to store the toys in so that they can be transported easily out of the car after each journey. You can also get behind-the-seat organisers for your little ones to stash their toys, small books and travel games into.

To prevent your car getting smelly, it’s well worth investing in a car freshener. Avoid the fresheners which hang from the rear-view mirror as they tend to give off quite powerful aromas which can be distasteful. Instead, opt for a clip on in-car freshener which offers a more subtle but long-lasting aroma.

Limit your kids to spill proof cups and snack holders when travelling in the car, and limit their in-car snacks to simple finger food such as cereal bars and carrot sticks. Not only are they healthy but they won’t make a mess of your upholstery! If you’re considering buying a new or used car, choosing a model with leather interior will help when it comes to wiping up spills.

Make sure that you limit your glove compartment to essential items only such as your owner’s manual, maps and vehicle registration information, a notepad and pen, a small first aid kit, tissues etcetera, so that in an emergency it is easier to locate certain items if required.

Finally, it is well worth storing an emergency kit in your boot which should include items such as blankets, towels, a bottle of water, oil, a torch and a warm coat for yourself and your passengers. It is particularly important to do this in winter when the chances of breaking down become higher.


Posted by Leana Kell on 24/05/2012