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Leather upholstery or clothBack

If you’re thinking about buying a new or used car, its interior can be a major deciding factor, and one of the most important features is the car’s upholstery.

There are two choices of upholstery you can opt for, either cloth or leather, and it is well worth considering the pros and cons of both types in order to make an informed decision. The most common type of upholstery is cloth due to the fact that leather interiors will usually cost you more cash and are therefore a luxury which many motorists decide they can do without. However, long term, there are many benefits to paying a little more money for a leather interior.

One of the main advantages of choosing leather upholstery is that it is much easier to keep clean on a daily basis, and therefore a great choice if you regularly travel with messy children! Spills can be wiped up with minimal fuss, and if you opt for dark coloured leather it will soak up stains well and keep your car looking good as new.

Leather is extremely comfortable so it is therefore a good option for those motorists who travel long distances frequently. Many drivers also prefer leather due to its look, feel and smell which is designed to impress its passengers. A further advantage of choosing leather is that is can add to the overall residual value of a car if looked after well.

One of the biggest disadvantages of opting for leather upholstery is that it requires a higher level of maintenance in the form of a special type of conditioning treatment which can become quite costly over a period of time. Leather can also get quite hot to the skin in warm weather as the material is not breathable, so it is therefore not a great option during the summer months, or if travelling abroad.

In comparison, the advantage of opting for a cloth interior is that your car will cost you a lot less money from the outset. Cloth interiors are more comfortable in warmer weather and good quality materials can look as plush and luxurious as leather without the higher price tag. The disadvantage of a cloth interior is that it is harder to clean on a daily basis than leather, and it is well worth avoiding lighter shades of cloth if you wish to keep your car looking clean for longer.

Whichever fabric you opt for, make sure that you do your homework when it comes to its maintenance. If you look after a car’s upholstery well over its first few years, you will reap the benefits when it comes to selling it on.

Posted by Leana Kell on 13/06/2012