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More women take to the bonnetBack

When faced with the prospect of a large bill, more women are getting under the bonnet in favour of repairing a car themselves.

In fact, the increasing cost of owning and running a car has forced women to take matters into their own hands, according to research conducted by the RAC.

A recent survey has revealed that nearly two thirds of women are happy to roll their sleeves up and get stuck in when it comes to car maintenance, which has put an end to the stereotype that tinkering with cars is a male-only pastime.

The RAC poll questioned more than 2,000 drivers and revealed that 60 per cent of women admitted to carrying out at least one basic repair or maintenance task on their car. More than one quarter also confessed that they felt confident doing repairs on their own vehicle. Furthermore, out of the female drivers questioned, they felt that taking matters into their own hands was saving them an estimated £141 per year.

Almost one quarter of women surveyed also claimed to have changed a broken light bulb on their vehicle while more than half had carried out regular checks of their water and oil levels. One in five women had also checked their tyre pressures and treads on a monthly basis, with 2 per cent of women actually describing themselves as “DIY car maintenance experts”.

One of the biggest concerns that female drivers had when it came to having their car serviced or requiring maintenance work was the feeling that they might get ripped off. The survey revealed that more women are becoming wary of the cost of repairs with nearly one in four believing that “garages are out to rip off unsuspecting motorists.”

Getting clued up on how to look after a car is definitely advisable if you want to cut down on your car’s maintenance bills. In fact, only 47 per cent of women questioned were willing to send their car straight to the garage at the first hint of a problem.

Showing a seller that you are clued up on the basic mechanics of a car is highly advantageous when it comes to making a purchase, and having the ability to make some simple checks will prevent you from falling privy to any scams.

For further information on how to avoid scams when purchasing a new or used car, visit the scambusters.




Posted by Leana Kell on 17/12/2012