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Parent and Child parking spotsBack

It has become a bug bear of mine that people continue to abuse the use of parent and child parking bays. Whilst looking up the subject on Google recently, I noticed that I am not alone…

It is currently against the law to park in a disabled parking spot without a disabled badge being clearly displayed in your car, and I have stumbled upon an online petition which suggests that the very same law should be given to parents with children – if you clearly are not displaying a parent and child badge in your car, you should not park in that spot.

Looking at some of the discussion forums on the subject, people have come up with ludicrous excuses as to why they park in these bays as opposed to the normal ones. Some openly admit they are just plain lazy and want to get into a shop as quickly as possible – if that means parking in a parent and child bay then so be it. Other people have used the excuse that although they do not have a child with them in the car at the time, they do actually HAVE children, although they might actually be 33 years old. They somehow still find this a justifiable excuse to actually park in a spot!

One other major complaint I have with parent and child parking is that I often see many old people parking in the spots. It is not that I have anything against old people, far from it. I think that it is a shame there are not more parking bays set up to help the elderly as well. Perhaps with this in mind, elderly people may simply feel that if parents can be reserved special spots to help them go about their daily life more safely, elderly people should be rewarded with the very same treatment.

My final thoughts on this subject are to make it clear to people who take the time to read blogs that it is certainly not wise to park in a parent and child spot unless you are willing to face the wrath of a selection of very frazzled parents! The point of the bays is to provide safety for small children who need to be helped in and out of the car at busy times of the day in a car park.

If you feel as strongly as I do on this subject then why not add your comments below!

Posted by Leana Kell on 20/02/2012