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Tips for travelling on car journeys with kidsBack

Things have changed a lot since the time when kids would amuse themselves in the car with songs and imaginary games to while away long journeys.

There are now so many more tricks and gadgets to keep children amused on car journeys which prove to be a godsend to parents. For example the introduction of DVD players for the car has revolutionised the distances that we can now travel without children getting bored, not to mention iPods, iPads and other hand held computerised games.

The key to achieving a successful and safe car journey with children is to stay calm, be prepared for every eventuality and avoid any pent up frustration and stress whilst travelling. To help you achieve this, the team at Trusted Dealers has put together some essential tips below:

Choose your food wisely

Make sure you always have plenty of food and drinks available for the kids. There are many snacks which are designed to take longer to eat such as boxes of raisins, bags of crisps or lolly pops which they can suck. Avoiding fizzy drinks is a good idea as the sugar content can make children restless and therefore keen to escape the confinement of a car, other sugary foods fall into the same remit, so we would advise avoiding these in favour of small, manageable packets where possible.

In car entertainment rules

Whether we like the idea or not, there is no denying that iPods and iPads have proved to be a great distraction for children. Downloading TV programmes or films is a good idea to while away an hour or two and you can even plug your kids into the same handset using a headphone splitter plug. DVD systems for cars are also popular and will sit on the back of the front seats of a car in a perfect position to entertain your little ones. Pay a little more and you can even get systems which will play different films and games for each, individual child.

Books on CD

A more traditional method of entertainment is using books on CD. This is a good idea once the kids are bored of the DVD player. Most books on CD have an accompanying picture book which your child can look at, at the same time the story is playing. You can either listen to the story as a family, or plug your child into a CD walkman with headphones if it gets too distracting.

Traditional games

If all else fails, why not resort to playing some traditional games with the kids to while away some valuable time? Car bingo is a great game which can become an entire family event and involves watching for landmarks such as farms, cows, a red convertible car etc, and seeing who can get five in a row first. You can look on Google to obtain further ideas on the ideal games to play whilst in the car.

Final tips for a safe and successful trip

Where possible, try to travel at night if your kids are young as it will more than likely guarantee a more peaceful and less stressful trip. You can even get them into their pyjamas and make them feel cosy with a duvet to signal that its night-time and therefore time for them to sleep – it will also save you time when you do finally reach your destination.

Finally, remember to take lots of breaks to ensure you don’t get too tired and to alleviate any pent up stress which could be caused by the kids. Driving whilst stressed could jeopardise your family’s safety so it’s well worth stopping for a cuppa once every two hours to allow everyone to stretch their legs and keep tempers in control.


Posted by Leana Kell on 07/02/2012