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Brexit at PMQs: Corbyn tells PM to ‘step aside’ and let Labour do dealBack



Brexit at PMQs: Corbyn tells PM to ‘step aside’ and let Labour do deal

Theresa May should “step aside” and let Labour do the Brexit deal if she cannot even get her ministers to agree on their aims, Jeremy Corbyn has said. The “uncertainty” facing the UK because of the lack of cabinet agreement on future trade plans was holding back economic growth, Labour’s leader said. Major employers were considering moving jobs abroad because of the “complete disarray” in negotiations, he said. But the PM said Labour would “sell Britain short” if it was in power.


John Bercow investigation blocked by MP standards committee

An investigation into allegations of bullying by Commons Speaker John Bercow has been voted against by a committee of MPs. The standards committee voted by three to two that Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards Kathryn Stone should not hold the investigation. It followed a complaint by an MP “in relation to the conduct of the Speaker”. Mr Bercow’s office has rejected all the claims.


The Times


Cyclists hurt seven times more often than figures show

The number of cyclists being injured on British roads could be almost seven times higher than previously thought. Huge under-reporting of cycling injuries, often involving minor collisions with cars and other vehicles, has been found by researchers. About a third of incidents did “not involve anyone else”, suggesting that they were linked to potholes in the road or other obstacles such as bollards. The report by Rachel Aldred, a reader in transport at Westminster University, will fuel demands for an increase in the number of segregated cycle lanes. She said that British cyclists were four times as likely to be killed as those in the Netherlands, where cycle lanes are far more common.


Diesel cars make sense, says business secretary Greg Clark

The government is recommending diesels for some buyers despite plans for a ban on the sale of cars with conventional combustion engines by 2040. Greg Clark, the business secretary, said that choosing a diesel car still made sense for some people and that new diesels could be beneficial for the environment. “There’s a place for diesel vehicles and there will be for some time to come,” he said. Emissions scandals and concerns about the health implications of diesel cars prompted Chris Grayling, the transport secretary, to say last year that motorists should think twice before buying a diesel car. However, according to Auto Express, Mr Clark said at a conference in London that he expected better efficiencies of diesel engines to help improve air quality.




Drivers ‘confused’ by new MOT test

New MOT test rules coming into force on Sunday are causing confusion among some motorists, a survey suggests. Some 49% of 1,866 drivers questioned by the RAC mistakenly believe vehicles found to have a “minor” fault will fail the test. Such a scenario will actually only be a “pass with defects” that needs to be remedied as soon as possible. Three new categories of fault are being introduced: dangerous, major and minor. RAC spokesman Simon Williams said: “Changes to the MOT that make vehicles using our roads safer are undoubtedly a positive step so we hope that testers everywhere interpret and apply the new rules fairly and consistently. The last thing we want to see is a lowering of MOT standards and an increase in the number of unroadworthy vehicles on our roads.”

Posted by Paul Carpenter on 17/05/2018