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Brexit: Ministers to unveil what EU relationship they want for UKBack

Brexit: Ministers to unveil what EU relationship they want for UK

Theresa May will deliver a major speech within the next three weeks outlining the future relationship Britain wants to have with the EU. Before that, senior ministers are also due to give speeches in a campaign dubbed “the road to Brexit” by No 10. Security, the devolution of powers, workers’ rights and trade are to be covered. The PM has been under pressure from Brussels and her party to set out her vision for Britain after Brexit.


The Financial Times


UK consumer spending falls for first time in 5 years, says Visa 

A fall in high street shopping and spending on transport drove a decline in overall UK consumer spending in January for the first time in five years, according to figures from Visa. The credit card company’s UK spending index showed a year-on-year drop of 1.2 per cent last month, which followed a decline of 1 per cent in December. Eight of the past nine months have now experienced a year-on-year fall in consumer spending, according to the index.


Diesel-only trains in UK to be phased out by 2040 

The UK government has set out plans to end “diesel-only” trains being used on Britain’s railways by 2040. Last year, the government moved to ban the sale of new, non-hybrid petrol and diesel cars by 2040. In a speech on Monday, Jo Johnson, the rail minister, will go a step further, calling on the rail industry to draw up plans by the autumn for how to phase out diesel-only trains. An estimated 29 per cent of Britain’s current fleet is run solely on diesel fuel.


Electric cars pave way to end of filling stations 

The rise of electric cars will lead to a “deforestation” of inner-city filling stations as drivers charge at home or work. This is the prediction of Pat Romano, chief executive of the world’s largest charging company, Chargepoint. He said the number of dedicated “around town” stations to recharge or refuel a vehicle will be significantly reduced once all cars on the road are electric. “We’re not going to need as many of them because the ‘around town’ need to fill up will be much lower. We’re going to see a sort of deforestation of the current ‘around town’ gas stations.” Motorists with off-street parking will charge at home, while work car parks will also offer charging, removing the need for the vast majority of stations dedicated to refuelling.


The Times


‘You’re only ever five miles from somebody in slavery’

Modern slavery is so prevalent in Ireland that the average person may be “only ever five miles from” somebody who is enslaved, the head of the Workplace Relations Commission has said. People who have the right to work in Ireland are being forced into positions of vulnerability, Oonagh Buckley said. Many have their passports confiscated and are made to live in squalor. The Supreme Court ruled on Friday that the ban on asylum seekers working in Ireland was unconstitutional. The ruling stemmed from a case brought by a Rohingya man who spent eight years in direct provision before gaining refugee status in 2016.


Cameras will mean number is up for uninsured drivers

Automatic numberplate recognition cameras could be introduced this year to catch the high number of uninsured drivers on Ireland’s roads. The Motor Insurers’ Bureau of Ireland (Mibi) said that the number of claims relating to uninsured or untraced drivers was 2,758 last year. This was similar to the 2,802 recorded in 2016. Mibi said that the figures indicated that there were about 151,000 uninsured drivers on Irish roads. David Fitzgerald, chief executive of Mibi, said that it was working with the gardaí, government and the insurance industry to tackle the problem. “We expect there will be further progress in this area in the near future which will advance the fight against illegal uninsured driving,” he said.


The Daily Telegraph


Revealed: haulage firms routinely fixing cheat devices to diesel lorries 

Tens of thousands of diesel lorries are emitting dangerous levels of toxic gas because hauliers are fitting illegal cheat devices that disable pollution control systems. More than 100 road haulage firms are under Government investigation after a roadside testing campaign showed seven per cent of HGVs had been secretly wired, The Sunday Telegraph can reveal. Meanwhile three operators for have been stripped of their licences and some of their executives banned from the industry. Disabling the diesel exhaust fluid, which makes vehicles compliant, saves companies around five per cent of costs but pushes up emissions by as much as two and half times the safe level.


The Sun

ROAD TO SUCCESS How you could net a £40,000 a year motoring role with new job finder Drive My Career 

FOR any petrolheads out there in the market for a new job, today could be your lucky day. And even if you don’t think you can make it as a rally driver or Formula 1 mechanic, there are still plenty of other opportunities to kick-start a career in the motoring industry – and earn some serious cash along the way. A new job seeker website has just been launched to help promote new opportunities for young employees looking to turn their passion for cars into a career.

Launched by the National Franchised Dealers Association, Drive My Career is targeted mainly at young people looking to enter the automotive industry, highlighting a range of different sectors and career paths available.

The website also acts as a connecting tool so dealers can find top talent.

Like many job seeking sites, Drive My Career allows users to input their location and search for relevant jobs in their local area.

Sue Robinson, Director of the National Franchised Dealers Association (NFDA), said: “Drive My Career is a completely new and unique initiative which will help automotive retailers highlight the wide range of career opportunities available in the industry and connect with young people looking for a new, exciting and professional career.


“There are hundreds of exciting, diverse and extremely rewarding roles in automotive retail and most of the people outside the industry do not see the wide range of career opportunities available.


“Drive My Career is not a regular job site, with this initiative, NFDA starts a long-term campaign aimed at giving visibility to all the positives of working in the automotive sector.”


Posted by Paul Carpenter on 12/02/2018