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Brexit: Repeal Bill to be published by the governmentBack


Brexit: Repeal Bill to be published by the government  

MPs must “work together” on Brexit, the minister in charge of the UK’s EU exit has said, as he publishes a bill to convert EU law into British law. The legislation, known as the Repeal Bill, will ensure the same rules apply in the UK after Brexit, while giving UK parliaments the power to change them. Brexit Secretary David Davis said he will “work with anyone” to make it a success, but he faces opposition. Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron told the government: “This will be hell.”


Toyota targeting US millennials 

Carmaker Toyota is making a concerted effort to sell more cars in the US to the millennials or “Generation Y” age group. As it opens its shiny new US headquarters, 19% of the firm’s US sales last year were to millennials, people born between the early 1980s and early 1990s.


Theresa May ‘shed a tear’ at election exit poll 

Theresa May has revealed she shed a “little tear” when she learned the result of the election exit poll suggesting she would lose her majority. The prime minister said her husband Philip told her the news – and it came as a “complete shock”. “It took a few minutes for it to sink in,” she told BBC’s Radio 5’s Live’s Emma Barnett, because “we didn’t see that result coming”. “My husband gave me a hug,” she added, and she cried a “little tear”. The prime minister said she did not watch the exit poll herself, as “I have a little bit of superstition about things like that”.


UK Brexit plan ‘could fall apart at first tap like chocolate orange’ 

The government’s “vague” Brexit plan has been compared to a “chocolate orange” by the boss of the UK’s public spending watchdog. Sir Amyas Morse said ministers had to be more “united” or the project would fall apart “at the first tap” like the segments of the chocolate treat. “It needs to be coming through as uniform, a little bit more like a cricket ball,” he added. Brexit Minister Steve Baker rejected his “vivid” analogy.



The Financial Times


Electric cars forecast to create extra 18GW demand for power in UK 

Electric vehicles could create as much as 18 gigawatts of extra demand for electricity — the equivalent of the capacity of nearly six Hinkley Point nuclear power stations — at peak times by 2050, according to National Grid.

The operator of Britain’s electricity system has analysed the potential impact on demand at busy times of the day, such as after working hours, if forecasts for rapid growth in electric vehicles by 2050 are realised. Its analysis follows several developments that suggest the growth in electric vehicles might accelerate dramatically over the coming decades, with Volvo Cars announcing last week that every model it makes from 2019 onwards would have an electric motor. France has also set an example to other governments by saying it would ban the sale of petrol and diesel cars by 2040.



The Times


Road funds cut as councils rake in cash from parking 

Local councils are cutting back on funds for lollipop men and women, streetlights and pothole repairs despite collecting millions of pounds extra in parking charges and penalties for people driving in bus lanes, according to research. A study by the AA shows that almost two thirds of local authorities have cut their highways budget for this financial year citing a shortage of money from central government. A third of councils in England have reduced the money being set aside for the running of street lights, suggesting that many will seek to dim or switch off lights to save power.


Drivers suffer breakdowns after VW emissions fix 

One in eight cars hauled off the road by Volkswagen over the diesel emissions scandal may have been left with engine problems that cause them to suddenly lose power. A survey of 40,000 owners of cars made by VW and its sister companies by Harcus Sinclair, a law firm, found that just over 5,000 had experienced difficulties after getting an update designed to strip out cheating software. Of those experiencing problems, half complained of a loss of fuel efficiency. Some 40 per cent of respondents warned of reduced power and acceleration while 14 per cent complained of cars going into “limp mode”, with all power suddenly being lost.



The Independent


Car Insurance 

Last year the average car insurance premium was £440, which is a big slice to find if you’re paying it in one go. The rise in rates is largely down to rises in the Insurance Premium Tax, but other factors include personal injury claims and the increased cost of repairs.



The Sun


Motorists’ most hilariously bizarre excuses for accidents – from early buses to hedges that appear out of nowhere

RESEARCH taken by the UK’s biggest scrap car comparison website has revealed some shocking quotes given by drivers after crashing their cars. Somebody’s pride and joy one minute could become a crumpled piece of metal the next, and as the realisation of what has happened sets in, shock can lead people to say some very strange things.  Research taken by, a company that provide instant scrap and salvage car buying quotes over the UK, has revealed some amusing responses given to them by those scrapping or selling their cars for salvage after an accident. Calls taken by the sales team have revealed the craziest answers as to why the car become a crumpled wreck in the first place – and some of the responses really defy belief.

Posted by Paul Carpenter on 13/07/2017