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Car accidents increase 9% in iceBack

As the cold weather continues, the Met Office is urging people to take the greatest of care on the roads, and only make essential car journeys, to avoid accidents.

This week’s first bout of widespread freezing cold weather conditions has reportedly caused 9 per cent more accidents on the roads already, according to the Accident Exchange, and with the bad weather set to continue into the New Year, it is more important than ever to drive with the utmost care and attention.

Since the Met Office issued a level 3 (of 4 ) Cold Weather Alert on Monday, a series of incidents have been reported across the UK, with many accidents a direct result of losing control in icy conditions.

One of the main causes of accidents on the roads in icy conditions is due to motorists failing to leave sufficient gaps between themselves and the vehicles in front of them, so it is well worth being extra cautious when you head out in the car.

It has been predicted that this week alone, nearly 10 per cent more motorists than normal will be suffering from the cost of an accident, with the average charge for repairs alone costing within the region of £2000, or for the at-fault-driver, the crash could result in the loss of their no claims bonus.

Peter Pellegrini of Accident Exchange said: “Driving in harsh, wintry conditions can be an absolute minefield. Great care is needed to avoid losing control when it is icy, so drivers need to allow extra time for their journeys. Nobody wants to have an accident but especially not during the festive period.”

Visit our page for some tips from the Trusted Dealers on how to cope with driving in the icy conditions. Here you will find a list of helpful advice which could help prevent you from having an accident this winter.

The Met Office has reported that temperatures will rise again by the weekend, but they are set to drop again next week, and with repeated freeze-thaw cycles predicted, driving conditions can be even more treacherous due to broken road surfaces. Increasing your braking distance is the best way to avoid an accident.


Posted by Leana Kell on 13/12/2012