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Drivers could be paid ‘up to £2,000 to scrap diesels’Back

Drivers could be paid ‘up to £2,000 to scrap diesels’

Owners of older diesel cars could be paid to scrap them under government plans to tackle pollution, according to newspaper reports. A diesel scrappage scheme would be part of a new strategy to improve air quality after Europe said UK proposals did not go far enough. The reports said ministers may opt for a scheme that pays drivers up to £2,000 towards a new, cleaner car. However, it is likely to be restricted to certain drivers to minimise costs. Options could include limiting payments to owners living in the areas suffering the worst pollution, or those on low incomes. The scheme is expected to be announced in the coming days.

Cyber attacks ‘hit one in five UK firms’

One in five British firms was hit by a cyber attack last year, research suggests. Larger firms – defined as those with over 100 staff – were more likely to be attacked than smaller counterparts, said the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC), which surveyed 1,200 companies. Its report found 42% of larger firms had been the victim of a cyber attack, compared with 18% of smaller ones. The business group has urged companies to do more to protect themselves. Just a quarter of the firms the BCC surveyed said they had put in place security measures to protect themselves against hacking.

The Times

Europe fears Turkey will renege on migrant deal

Europe is braced for a new migrant crisis after the newly victorious Turkish president indicated that he was preparing for a fight with Brussels by restoring the death penalty and demanding visa-free travel across the Continent. European diplomats expect Recap Tayyip Erdogen, who won a narrow victory in a constitutional referendum on Sunday, to consolidate his new executive powers by picking political battles with the EU. Fears are growing that the increasingly authoritarian leader will abandon EU membership ambitions by dropping judicial and democratic reforms and issuing an ultimatum on visa-free travel for Turks.

Holidaymakers face £640 speeding fines in Europe

Hundreds of thousands of British motorists risk being fined up to £640 for speeding in Europe this summer after the government  rubber-stamped a controversial change to EU law. Ministers confirmed that directive giving European countries the power to chase British motorists for fines by obtaining their driver details would come into force on May 6. Britain was given a two-year exemption from the rules but had to introduce them by this spring.

The Sun

Khan Poor Hit

Mayor Sadiq Khan’s daily £24 diesel charge for driving in London is an attack on the poor, claims a former Labour Transport Minister. John Spellar has demanded a rethink before cities across the country copy the plans. Ministers will unveil measures to tackle air pollution in the next seven days. Up to 35 towns are considering charges similar to central London, where from 2019 diesel drivers face a £12.50 “toxin tax” on top of the £11.50 congestion charge.

Diesel is a downer

Pollution from traffic fumes is as bad for people’s happiness as being widowed or divorced, a study found. Nitrogen dioxide, an irritant largely emitted by diesel engines, has been blamed for causing 23,500 premature deaths a year in Britain. Now researchers from the University of York say it also carries a “psychological cost” in the most polluted areas.

Posted by Paul Carpenter on 18/04/2017