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DVLA reveal startling statistics on illegal driving in the UKBack

300413 DVLA driving reportThe DVLA has reported that over 8,000 drivers are still continuing to drive, despite having 12 or more points on their licence.

If you have 12 points on your licence you are officially banned from driving for at least one year, but the DVLA has discovered that more and more motorists are putting people’s lives at risk and breaking the law by taking to the roads. The DVLA has also found that the top fourteen licence point holders with 25 points or more are all men.

According to the DVLA, the official upper limit for licence points is 12, or 6 for those who have held a licence for three years or less. However, a freedom of information request to the DVLA showed many male drivers with 25-36 points were still driving, with a male driver from Warrington obtaining the highest amount of points, 36.

At present, there are 20,439,578 male and 16,804,524 female licence holders in the UK, but the DVLA found that it is men who commit criminal driving offences more often than women. In fact, of the top thirty-four licence point holders, they discovered that only two of them were women.

Further investigations showed that of the top 99 licence point holders, only 14 of them were women, and that 2256 men are continuing to drive with more than 12 points on their licence as opposed to just 351 women.

IAM chief executive Simon Best said: “Law abiding drivers will be shocked that so many drivers are on the road who have more than 12 points. The ‘totting up’ principle is supposed to give a simple four strikes and you are out message. Anything more than this should be a disqualification, unless there are the most exceptional circumstances.

“There must be tighter practice in courts and at the DVLA to take these motorists off the road or ensure they take a driver retraining course to help them break their points habit.”

Steph Savill, managing director of FOXY Lady Drivers Club went on to describe how for most drivers collecting points on their licence is not only expensive but also highly embarrassing and potentially stressful. She continued to outline how the points system has been put in place to make us more vigilant drivers and the small minority who can manage to collect 12 points in a fairly short period of time must be either ignorant or “contemptuous of the rules of the road”.

It has been suggested that to stop motorists getting away with driving with an excessive amount of points on their licence, serial point scorers should be made to re-sit their theory and practical driving tests before their licence is retained. Do you agree? Now is the chance to have your say below.


Posted by Leana Kell on 30/04/2013