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End of the Week News Round UpBack 

Man arrested over sale of ‘dangerous’ fake car airbags

A man has been arrested by police as part of a major operation into the sale of fake car airbags.

City of London Police detectives believe 680 people made purchases from a UK-based eBay account found to be selling counterfeit airbags and covers. A 34-year-old man was arrested in Blandford Forum, Dorset, and is being questioned by officers. Police have warned the airbags could pose a danger to drivers and passengers.

City of London Police, which is co-ordinating the investigation, has also found more than 100 suspected counterfeit airbags of various makes at an address in Poole. Bomb squad officers were called to the premises to ensure there was no risk of the airbags exploding. The airbags have been taken to a Ministry of Defence facility for safe storage.

EU referendum: Cameron deal talks continue through night

Talks on reform of the UK’s place in the EU continued in the early hours after Downing Street said there was “real hard work to do overnight”. European Council President Donald Tusk said there had been “some progress” on the first day of the Brussels summit, but “a lot still remains to be done”. He began a series of meetings with David Cameron and other leaders in the early hours. Formal talks resume later. Divisions on the proposed deal for the UK are said to be deeper than expected.


Sky News

Toyota To Recall Nearly 3 Million Cars

A seatbelt problem sparks a huge global recall, with almost 50,000 vehicles in Britain affected. Toyota, the world’s biggest-selling car maker, is to recall 48,616 cars in the UK as part of a global recall of 2.87 million vehicles.

The Japanese firm said the global recall involved its RAV4 SUV model produced between July 2005 and August 2014.

The fault means there is a possibility that seatbelts could be damaged by a metal seat frame part in the event of a crash. Owners of affected vehicles in the UK will be contacted by Toyota within the coming weeks by post or telephone.

They will asked to make an appointment to bring their car in to their nearest Toyota centre.


The Financial Times

Car-sharing concept tests boundaries of the motor industry

In some ways, Orto is the worst car business in the world. It has sold only half a BMW.

But then again, it could be just the ticket for a world approaching “peak car” and rapidly realising what everyone in the motor industry has known for some time (they just have not been telling you): a car is used for only about 3 per cent of its lifetime. Orto’s model is simple: the company buys a car, and as many as four customers pay a deposit and 24 monthly payments to drive it for up to 170 days over two years. The vehicles are typically something choice, such as a Jaguar F-Type. “Owners” can have the vehicle for up to two weeks at a time, and Orto takes care of the rest.

The company, launched by petrolheads Josh Darling and Jules Copeland in December, might be on to something. The principle of shared ownership is starting to change sectors from taxis to tourism, and some think it might overhaul the car industry.


The Daily Telegraph

Volvo to unveil ‘keyless’ cars that switch on with an app

Volvo will become the world’s first car maker to sell vehicles that can be unlocked and switched on using mobile phone apps when it launches the technology onto the market next year. The car manufacturer, best-known for attracting safety-conscious drivers, will unveil the keyless cars at next week’s Mobile World Congress technology conference in Barcelona.

Bank of England deputy says 2019 rate hike expectations not justified

Market expectations that UK interest rates will remain on hold until 2019 are not justified, according to the deputy governor of the Bank of England. Sir Jon Cunliffe said bets by investors that rates could even be cut were not backed by economic fundamentals. “I can’t see anything in the economic news over the last three-to-four weeks that would lead to a shift like that,” he said at a conference in Brussels. My big picture of the world hasn’t changed with market [expectations]. I think we are, particularly in the last couple of years, in the slow healing process from a financial bust.”



UKIP welcomes AA apology over fuel price rumours

UKIP Transport Spokesman Jill Seymour has welcomed the public apology from the president of the AA after he back-tracked on claims that a British exit from the EU would lead to a hike in fuel prices. The motoring group waded into the Europe debate today by claiming costs at the pumps could rise by 18.7p a litre ‘within days’ of a Brexit vote.

But AA president Edmund King later took to Twitter to apologise for the comments, admitting they had been ‘misinterpreted’ and were taken from on a report by banking group Goldman Sachs – known supporters of the ‘In’ campaign.

Posted by Lois Hardy on 19/02/2016