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EU migrants make up 11% of manufacturing workforce – ONSBack


EU migrants make up 11% of manufacturing workforce – ONS 

EU migrants make up more than one in 10 manufacturing sector workers in the UK, official figures have shown.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) also said EU workers from outside the UK tended to work longer hours than the workforce average. And it said non-UK workers were more likely to be overqualified for the jobs they were doing. The government is planning to change the way migration is managed after Britain leaves the EU.



UK firms ‘struggling to recruit staff’ 

UK firms want to recruit more workers but cannot find or afford the right staff, a survey has found. The British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) spoke to 7,300 businesses in the manufacturing and services sectors, and found the percentage seeking to hire had grown by up to 9% in the last quarter. But most also experienced “high levels of recruitment difficulties” which the BCC said was a risk to growth. The government said it was working to deliver a highly-skilled workforce.



Tesla board ‘too close to Elon Musk’

A group of Tesla shareholders has questioned the independence of the electric carmaker’s board, warning it is too close to boss and co-founder Elon Musk. In a letter, they said the board was “largely unchanged” since the firm went public and at risk of “groupthink”. They urged it to re-elect members annually and to add two new independent directors to the board. In a tweet Mr Musk said the investors “should buy Ford stock” instead.



The Times


Mercedes pulls ahead of BMW in luxury market 

An increase in sales of luxury cars has helped the owner of Mercedes-Benz to report an 87 per cent surge in first-quarter profits to €4 billion and earned it the title of the world’s bestselling high-end motor brand. Daimler, which also benefited from one-off gains, released the headline figures before full results on April 26. The German company’s results were partly lifted by €690 million in one-off benefits that came after it revalued its stake in Here, a mapping company. The group also booked gains on the sale of property and the reversal of an impairment charge on a stake in BAIC, a Chinese carmaker.



The Guardian  


Driverless cars will make our roads safer, says Oxbotica co-founder 

Paul Newman is a self-confessed “positivist” when it comes to autonomous driving. A professor of information engineering at Oxford University, he co-founded Oxbotica in 2014, a specialist provider of autonomous control system technologies, and believes driverless cars will make our roads safer and help an ageing population remain independent. “Driving is hard. It’s tiring. And it’s a bit dangerous… it’s imperative we fix some of this stuff,” he says. “Plus, the amount of time we spend tied up in traffic, having to concentrate – that’s a criminal waste of humanity.”



The Metro


Parking row between neighbours escalates into turf war visible on Google Earth

A parking row between neighbours has escalated into a turf war so bad it can be seen on Google Earth.

Residents on a small close are repeatedly falling out over parking disputes. Westmorland Close, in Brinnington, Stockport, has slowly turned into a battle scene for prime parking spots, as residents know a failure to secure one may mean they cannot get to work the next day.



The Sun


What are the new laws on using your phone while driving, do you get points on your licence and how much is the fine? 

THOUSANDS of drivers are caught each year by eagle-eyed cops after using their mobile phones at the wheel, with distracted drivers causing hundreds of fatal accidents on Britain’s roads. Despite several high-profile campaigns and the government hiking up the fine if you are caught, some motorists persist in texting and calling while behind the wheel. But actually even touching your phone while driving is against the law, whether to check a message or use GPS.


Posted by Paul Carpenter on 13/04/2017