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Find a car on Facebook! Introducing our used car search appBack

If you’re like the rest of the normal world, you’ll be spending increasingly less of your time on Google, and more of your time on likes of Facebook or Twitter. For businesses such as us, this presents us with a challenge. Google is a relatively simple and highly effective advertising channel whereas social media is still an uncertain way to reach new customers.

Nonetheless, we’re pleased to announce the first iteration of our native Facebook used car search application, which you can visit here. As you’d hope and expect, it is a simple search system of our database of cars from Britain’s most trusted used car dealers. Because it is built into Facebook, it’s also simple to ‘like’ a car to share it with your friends – perhaps to get feedback and start a conversation as to what they think of the car.

As Trusted Dealers is the safest place to buy a car online (find out more about why that is through our 10 points of difference page) it seems logical to bring our search facility to Facebook to offer another way for our service and this is the first stage on the road to our development of a fully native Facebook experience that will include deeper search functionality and more ways to interact with us through Facebook.

As this is effectively an early release ‘beta version’ of the feature, we’d be extremely grateful for any feedback on the workings of the app for future development. Many thanks in advance!

Posted by Paul Carpenter on 25/06/2012