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Ford introduces latest MyKey technology to new FiestaBack

The New Ford Fiesta is the first car to introduce revolutionary MyKey technology in Europe. The unique MyKey technology enables parents to place restrictions on young drivers as well as helping them to avoid peer pressure when behind the wheel.

MyKey is an industry-first technology which allows parents to place restrictions on young drivers to promote safer driving. Parents can limit elements such as the top speed a car will go, reduce its maximum audio volume and override the deactivation of driver assistance and safety technology, by simply programming a key .

Psychologist and UK government advisor, Cris Burgess, who is an expert in driver behaviour has described how MyKey provides young drivers pressured into taking risks by passengers with a reason to drive safely, so that they can in effect “saves face” and “blame” MyKey.

“Young drivers may want to drive safely, but are perhaps less inclined to do so because they feel pressure from their friends or other drivers,” said Burgess, senior lecturer in psychology at Exeter University. “MyKey can remove the influence of personal control on the vehicle’s top speed and maximum volume. That gives young drivers who may feel pressurised to drive in a risky fashion an excuse to drive safely.”

Ford MyKey is already a standard fixture on most new North American Ford vehicles and it is now being introduced to the UK in the new Ford Fiesta which goes on sale in spring 2013, and Ford plans to have its new and ground-breaking technology rolled out to it entire European product line-up by the year 2015.

The technology works by recognition of different keys for the same car and will adjust the vehicle settings according to the particular driver’s requirements. Some of the settings for the system include:

  • The audio system is disabled completely if seatbelts are not used
  • Chimes sound at set points between 40 and 80mph to highlight when the vehicle is travelling at higher speeds
  • Seatbelt reminders cannot be disabled
  • An earlier low-fuel warning is delivered; that aims to reduce the likelihood the driver will run out of fuel
  • Safety technologies such as Electronic Stability Control and Active City Stop cannot be deactivated

According to recent data published by the Department for Transport in the UK, 27 per cent of male drivers aged between 17 and 19 years of age, are involved in a road traffic accident within one year of passing their driving test, so the new MyKey technology by Ford has been welcomed by industry experts.

Burgess added: “Clearly, this is a problem that needs addressing. Research has identified a number of elements that characterise crashes involving young drivers. Distraction by mobile technology or in-car entertainment systems, and excessive speed are certainly amongst the major causes and MyKey directly addresses these factors.”

Posted by Leana Kell on 11/12/2012