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Pound falls as Bank of England hints at fresh stimulus measures pound fall image

The pound has fallen by more than 1% after Bank of England governor Mark Carney hinted at fresh economic stimulus measures. He said it was likely “some monetary policy easing” would be required in response to the Brexit vote. A deteriorating economic outlook means action from the Bank is likely during the summer, Mr Carney said. The Bank’s key interest rate – currently at a record low of 0.5% – is its chief tool of monetary policy. A cut in interest rates would have a knock-on effect on savings rates, and makes the pound a less attractive currency to hold and do business in.



The Times


Fears over driverless cars in UK following fatal US Tesla crash tesla badge

Fears over the safety of driverless car development in the UK have been raised following the first known fatal driverless car crash in the US.A Tesla driver was killed in May after his car crashed into a lorry. UK trials of driverless cars are currently underway in Bristol, Greenwich, Milton Keynes and Coventry. The president of AA, Edmund King, said the US crash shows that although the technology “can and will” improve safety, “driverless cars aren’t foolproof in the real world”. US road safety officials are investigating Tesla’s autopilot feature following the fatal crash, which happened on May 7 in Florida and led to the death of a 40-year-old man. The system changes lanes and speeds up or slows down a car based on what other vehicles are doing – preliminary reports suggest his car’s cameras did not distinguish the white of the lorry from the bright sky, meaning the brakes were not activated.



The Guardian


MPs call to scrap ‘dangerous’ hard shoulder motorway plan

Plans to convert more hard shoulders into permanent driving lanes to ease congestion should be scrapped amid safety fears, MPs have recommended. The government intends to expand motorway capacity by converting hundreds of miles of hard shoulder into permanent lanes, known as “all-lane running”. But an inquiry by MPs on the Commons transport select committee concluded the plan is too dangerous and has not been properly considered. Current “smart motorway” schemes have only used the hard shoulder at peak times or to deal with congestion.



The Daily Mail


When will electric cars begin to outsell petrol and diesel in the UK? electric cars

Electric cars are the future, we’re constantly being told. But how far into the future will they be the dominant form of propulsion for new cars sold in the UK? According to an expert panel, the first year electric cars will outsell conventional combustion engined vehicles is 2027. And it’s all because of a recent ‘step-change’ in the public’s opinion of electric vehicles, bringing the tipping point way ahead of the Government’s expectations of a fully electrified road network in 2040. Go Ultra Low, a government and industry-backed campaign to educate motorists about the benefits of electric cars, said more than 1.3million electric cars will be registered in 2027. That would see them outselling new petrol and diesel vehicles, based on a new-car registration total of 2.6million – the same as 2015.


Posted by Paul Carpenter on 01/07/2016