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Halt to daylight saving campaign could cost livesBack

The campaign to stop the practice of daylight saving received a huge setback on Friday which could result in motorist’s lives being put at risk.

GEM Motoring Assist has backed the campaign from the outset and has commented that if the motion is not changed promptly then more road users could face accidents behind the wheel.

The motion which has been put forward to the Government is known as “Lighter Later” and it proposes that Britain’s clocks are moved forward by one hour throughout the year, so that we receive an extra hour of daylight in the evening as opposed to the morning. Campaigners believe that if the motion is approved, it will have a significant positive impact on road safety as well as helping to save energy and improve people’s general health and well being.

The campaign currently has the support of more than 90 organisations who are in favour of the idea as well as 120 MP’s who all voted to pass the motion, with only 10 attending MPs against it. But unfortunately, on Friday the session ran out of time before the motion could be passed in parliament.

GEM Motoring Assist believe that approval of the campaign is a simple “rubber stamping exercise” and is bitterly disappointed that the efforts of so many campaigners have been wasted by Friday’s negative outcome.

David Williams MBE, GEM Chief Executive, has openly expressed his concerns about what has happened in terms of the campaign being put on hold, he said: “Year on year the evidence shows that the accident rate on the roads increases after the clocks go back and we believe that this unnecessary hold up will cost lives. Poor weather, decreased visibility and bad road conditions are all rife during the winter months and have a serious effect on the rise in accidents and hazardous breakdown situations.”

Determined to continue with the campaign he added: “Introducing lighter evenings will make our roads a safer place by increasing visibility and in turn will help prevent unnecessary accidents.”

It has been suggested that not only will the clock changes support motorists, there will also be a lot of additional positives for people in general who will able to enjoy more hours of daylight and also save on electricity bills as well as help decrease the amount of pollution which is currently caused by electric lights.


Posted by Leana Kell on 23/01/2012