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High fuel costs; a rising concern for motoristsBack

A survey has revealed that the rising cost of fuel is causing motorists to cut down on car journeys.

Research conducted by car supermarket Motorpoint has suggested that 80 per cent of motorists are choosing to cut down on the number of car journeys they are making as a result of the rising costs in fuel at the pump.

Motorpoint recently polled its website users and asked them if record fuel prices, which have recently reached as high as 150.9p per litre for diesel, have caused them to cut down on car journeys and the results proved that rising fuel costs are currently a huge concern.

Recent figures reveal that the UK pays the highest fuel tax in Europe, and with the current financial situation in the UK, times are tough for motorists, with many prospective buyers currently looking for new or used cars which can offer higher miles per gallon at the pump.

In fact, the ‘Green Cars’ section on the Motorpoint website is currently attracting around 12,000 visitors per day and is quickly becoming one of its most popular pages due to buyer’s current high interest in saving money. Customers are not only looking for vehicles which offer the highest savings but also vehicles which will cost the least to run.

According to figures released from the SMMT, the UK’s automotive industry contributes a net value of over £8.5 billion to the UK’s economy, employing in excess of 70,000 people, so the high percentage of people who plan to take less car journeys in the future can only pose a worry for the economy and the UK’s automotive industry.

David Shelton, Managing Director, Motorpoint, said: “Our poll shows that rising fuel costs are seriously affecting today’s UK motorists and should be a warning to the Government that action is needed on fuel duty.

“We want people to enjoy owning a car again, without the burden of heavy taxes, which will in turn stimulate the economy. This is why we consistently offer the best savings on our cars, providing a viable way for cash strapped Brits to buy a car without breaking the bank.”

For a choice of excellent used or new cars which are cheap to buy and run, visit Trusted Dealers and enter in some key details to find a large selection of second-hand cars which are perfectly suited to those who are on a budget.

Posted by Leana Kell on 02/03/2012