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Honda recalls CR-Vs across the UKBack

Honda has this week announced that it is recalling almost one in three of its Swindon made CR-V sports utility cars throughout the UK due to a fault.

The fault applies to the second series of Honda CR-V cars built between the periods 2002 to 2006, and could lead to the driver’s door catching fire.

The Honda CR-V is currently one of the best crossover cars on the market and is a popular choice among those who favour a sporty car with 4×4 capabilities. It offers a high seating position for drivers as well as plenty of head and leg room for passengers and a large, expansive boot.

The Japanese manufacturer is contacting 77,000 motorists who bought the car when it was being produced at the Wiltshire plant between 2002 and 2006. This measure is part of a recall which involves nearly 500,000 vehicles across the globe.

The recalls have risen after five drivers – one from the UK and four from the USA – described how they could smell burning, and the fault has now been identified as a faulty seal on a switch which controls the electric windows. It appears that water or liquids are capable of leaking into a master switch which controls all of the windows. Over time, according to the manufacturer, the liquid could cause the switch to overheat, melt and eventually cause a fire.

The fault only applies to the second series CR-V, so if you own a Honda CR-V which falls into this remit, you will be asked to bring the car to your nearest Honda dealer immediately so that the necessary repairs to the switch can be carried out.

Honda CR-V is now in its fourth version and remains a popular choice of sports utility vehicle due to its compelling looks and competitive price bracket. Cars cost upwards of £22,000 and there are currently around 200,000 models on Britain’s roads.




Posted by Leana Kell on 08/10/2012