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How to avoid a breakdown this Bank HolidayBack


As families across the country prepare for the bank holiday, Green Flag is predicting that up to 36,000 car breakdowns will occur over the course of the weekend . This equates to eight breakdowns per minute!

With motorists keen to take advantage of the long weekend, Britain is braced for additional breakdowns on the road. A combination of tyre related issues, flat batteries and faulty brake pads are some of the most common breakdowns on the roads.

In light of the latest statistics, Trusted Dealers is encouraging all motorists embarking on a longer journey this Bank Holiday, to check their cars before taking to the roads. Simple checks will take a matter of minutes to perform, and could save motorists valuable time and a lot of hassle.

Below, Trusted Dealers offers their top ten tips on how to avoid potential breakdowns on the road this Bank Holiday.

1. Look at your car – walk around it and look for any signs of potential wear and tear, particularly on your tyres and also your lights.

2. Have a service – if you haven’t had a service in a long time, book one in. It is essential that cars are regularly serviced according to your manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure they stay roadworthy.

3. Check your tyre pressure – always check your tyre pressure before a long journey to avoid a puncture. This is a simple check that will help save you hours of wasted time on a journey could help you avoid a potential accident.

4. Check your fluid levels – make sure your screen wash is topped up and your oil and water levels are at the correct amount .

5. Check you have breakdown cover – and also what the cover provides. For example, if you’re travelling abroad, does your cover extend to this? Is your cover for towing only or will you be entitled to a repair vehicle if required?

6. Keep the number – of your emergency breakdown provider close to hand. This can usually be found on your policy certificate.

7. Keep a road map in the car – so you can explain your location clearly to a breakdown company if you need to. Many people rely solely on sat nav for directions, but if you’re unable to turn your engine on, some sat navs will cease to work.

Breakdown cover8. Remember – You may not have any signal on your phone so keep some coins and a phonecard in your wallet in case you need it. There will be a freephone to make urgent calls at every mile point on a major motorway, but you shouldn’t rely on this.

9. Keep an in-car charger – in your car to top up your phone battery should you need to. Choose a charger that doesn’t rely on car battery power to be used.

10. Keep a breakdown kit – in your car in case you are stuck for several hours. Kit should include items such as spare clothes, a warm blanket, a first aid kit, a warning triangle, 2 litres of water and some food.

Posted by Leana Kell on 25/05/2018