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HPI survey reveals women feel they get a better dealBack

A recent survey from vehicle history check experts HPI has revealed that women feel they get a better deal than men when buying a used car.

The study found that 43 per cent of men were not completely satisfied with their last used car deal as opposed to only 35 per cent of women, which suggests that female motorists might be making better buying decisions.

The HPI study showed that 51 per cent of women consult a family member or friend who has some knowledge of cars before they enter the showroom, whereas men are reluctant to ask for advice, with only 27 per cent taking along a knowledgeable friend who can help protect them from a bad second-hand car purchase.

The survey also found that older used car buyers made more sensible purchasing decisions with 83 per cent of older buyers failing to experience any hidden problems once they had parted with their cash.

“The survey suggests that men are more difficult to please, when it comes to used car buying and that they won’t take advice. This could be why men are more likely to think they’ve been had, but it also leaves them vulnerable to fraudsters,” says Nicola Johnson, Consumer Services Manager for HPI. “In contrast, women are eager to take advice and prepare before checking out their options. This clearly helps them make measured decisions and as a result, they are happy with their purchase.”

The survey is just another study which highlights the importance of getting a used vehicle checked before you buy it. At Trusted Dealers, we guarantee all of our customers our very own unique 10 Points of Difference promise which ensures that all of our stock has been thoroughly checked before it is displayed on the forecourt.

Our 10 Points of Difference guarantees prospective car buyers that all of the cars we sell have been thoroughly Experian or HPI checked. The checks we carry out include mileage checks, theft and right off checks, outstanding finance checks and mechanical checks, to make sure that all of our customers leave the forecourt with added peace of mind.

“Shockingly, 30% of the used car buyer we surveyed did no checks whatsoever when buying a used car. Basic checks, including cross referencing paperwork, such as the MOT and the V5 to ensure vehicle and owner details tally, can be enough to cause alarm bells to ring,” concluded Nicola Johnson.

“And only 21% of the people we surveyed said they specifically pay by cheque or bank transfer to protect themselves. Never pay in cash alone as you will have no proof of purchase should you be caught out by a fraudster.”

No matter what gender you are or where you live, used car buying should not be a gamble. The dangers of buying a used car are a worry for any motorist, so it is well worth making sure you get any vehicle you are considering buying thoroughly checked.



Posted by Leana Kell on 03/04/2013