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IMF warns on financial stabilityBack


IMF warns on financial stability 

The risks to global financial stability in the immediate future have declined, according to a new assessment from the International Monetary Fund. But at the same time, vulnerabilities over the longer term are building, the IMF warns. The very low interest rate policies of the rich countries have led investors to search for higher returns. But that, in turn, has led them to be increasingly willing to accept higher risks.


Young people ‘not engaged’ in local elections, Electoral Commission warns

Young people are not getting engaged in local council elections – despite an increased turnout at the general election, a watchdog has warned. The Electoral Commission said there was a “stark difference” in how informed people felt at May’s local elections and the general election a month later. It also said there was a “clear disparity” between young and old about how informed they felt. The commission has released details of surveys taken after the 2017 elections.


Young face growing mortgage debt burden 

Young first-time buyers are increasing their overall mortgage debt in order to tackle short-term financial pressures.

The average mortgage term is lengthening from the traditional 25 years, according to figures from broker L&C Mortgages. Its figures show the proportion of new buyers taking out 31 to 35-year mortgages has doubled in 10 years. That means lower monthly repayments, but a bigger overall bill owing to the extra interest incurred. The extra total cost can be tens of thousands of pounds.



The Financial Times


London seeks £240m boost from higher business rates 

London could receive a public spending boost of £240m next year after the capital’s mayor Sadiq Khan and its councils agreed a plan to retain more of the money the city collects in business rates. The deal, announced by Mr Khan on Wednesday, would allow London to keep funds raised from increases to the rates. The government must approve the plan, however, which is meant to be part of a devolution deal struck between the mayor and ministers in March. Business rates are a tax on companies’ premises. The levy is collected by local councils but is set by the government. In 2016 ministers outlined the first rates revaluation in seven years, provoking protests from businesses because some faced steep increases. Councils in London collect more than £8bn of the £25bn raised each year in England through the levy.



The Times


Oxford will be first British city to ban all polluting vehicles 

Petrol and diesel vehicles will be banned from the centre of Oxford under plans to create Britain’s first “zero-emission zone”. Starting from 2020 only electric vehicles will be permitted on a steadily growing number of streets in the city. The plans contrast with London, where drivers of polluting cars will still be able to enter the centre if they pay a fee. The proposals from Oxford city council and Oxfordshire county council will almost halve nitrogen dioxide pollution by 2020 on some of the city’s most polluted roads.



The Independent


Copenhagen’s mayor plans to ban all new diesel cars in city by 2019 

Copenhagen’s mayor has announced plans to ban new diesel cars from entering the Danish capital.  As part of a proposal to improve the city’s air quality, Frank Jensen wants to introduce the ban by 1 January 2019.  “It’s not a human right to pollute the air for others. That’s why diesel cars must be phased out,” the 56-year-old told Danish newspaper Politiken. The law would only affect drivers of new diesel cars registered after 2018, but Mr Jensen insisted it would “mean something for the many, many Copenhageners that are affected by respiratory illnesses”.

But any law change would need to win a majority in the Danish parliament.



The Daily Express


Tesla Model 3 for sale – used electric car emerges online, but it comes at a price

A used Tesla Model 3 appeared for sale for the first time ever giving fans a chance to purchase the car. Hundreds of thousands of motorists who pre-ordered the Model 3 are still awaiting delivery on the vehicle as Tesla work out “production bottlenecks.” This used car therefore is an attractive proposition for many motorists, but there is one big issue with this used car.  It will cost a buyer $150,000 – that $115,000 more than its starting price from the showroom.



Posted by Paul Carpenter on 12/10/2017