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What did Marty McFly get Right?Back

Today is Back to the Future Day, the date on which Marty McFly travelled to the future from 1985 in Doc Brown’s legendary DeLorean.


Like all good science fiction, its remarkable how many tech trends it’s predicted that it’s got right. Most relevant to our industry is the sound of the cars in the future, almost identical to that of a Nissan Leaf or Toyota Prius today.

In the home Back to the Future featured big TVs that people talked to, something we’re all used to today and it also predicted the use of smart glasses, whilst missing out on the smart phone. Like most of us 30 years ago, it didn’t predict the advent of the internet, which was invented a year after the film, which has evolved so quickly over the past 20 years from the painful dial-up modem to broadband and wifi connectivity and now the internet of things.

Indeed, other than the ability to travel in time using a waste-powered nuclear generator, today’s cars have evolved significantly from the wedge-shaped Delorean to aerodynamic, computer controlled, self-parking entertainment systems. In the next 10 years it’s likely that battery powered cars will gain in popularity as their range extends and the autonomous (self-driving) car is already a viable, if not available transport solution.

OK so the hover board was perhaps over egged, although they too exist

Posted by Lois Hardy on 27/10/2015