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The Guardian

Bank of England meeting could discuss cutting interest rates

The Bank of England’s interest rate setters meet against a gloomy economic backdrop this week that could prompt at least one policymaker to push for a cut in borrowing costs to shore up stalling growth. The nine-strong monetary policy committee (MPC) is not expected to make any changes to the record low base rate of 0.5% on Thursday. But investors will be scouring minutes of the latest meeting and the Bank’s new forecasts for the economy released at the same time for clues as to whether the next move will be up or down.

EU referendum: Scottish remain vote could tip balance of result

Pro-European campaigners believe a far stronger Scottish vote in favour of remaining in the EU could be a crucial factor in next month’s referendum with UK polls showing the result could be very close. But senior figures in the Scottish wing of the official Stronger In campaign fear that turnout in Scotland on 23 June may be lower because of voter fatigue after last week’s Holyrood parliament elections. Repeated opinion polls on the EU referendum in Scotland show a far larger gap between remain and leave votes, although the gap is narrowing.


The Daily Telegraph

Nissan unveils new power system where electric cars feed energy back into the grid

Nissan has revealed a vision of the future where batteries in its electric vehicles are used to power motorists’ homes and offices. The company is launching a pilot programme in the UK where 100 of its Leaf electric cars can be plugged into the power network and energy in their batteries fed into the UK power system. Motorists would be able to charge their cars as normal by plugging in but the batteries would also act as added capacity to the national grid, helping balance demand at peak times with power being sold back into the grid. Motorists can also charge their cars at off-peak times, making motoring cheaper for them..

Study says electric cars could emit almost as many particulates as petrols and diesels – but experts disagree

A study carried out at the University of Edinburgh has suggested that electric cars could produce almost as many particulate emissions as petrol and diesel cars, simply because they’re heavier and wear down their brakes and tyres more quickly. The study said that it found “a positive relationship between weight and non-exhaust [particulate matter] emission factors” and added that “electric vehicles (EVs) were found to be 24% heavier than equivalent internal combustion engine vehicles (ICEVs)”. However, experts in the field of electric vehicles have been quick to criticise the findings of the study, suggesting that it doesn’t take into account key factors including electric vehicles’ usage of regenerative braking, which uses engine braking rather than the brakes themselves in order to slow the car.

Posted by Lois Hardy on 11/05/2016