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Set out positives of leaving, Boris Johnson urges boris johnson image

Boris Johnson has accused the government of failing to explain how the vote to leave the EU can be made to work in the UK’s interests. He wrote that it could not wait for a new PM to take office in September. He also said the Leave vote had led to “a kind of hysteria, a contagious mourning” among part of the population. Meanwhile Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said it would be “absurd” to say EU nationals can stay in the UK without a deal for UK expats in the EU.



The Times


Ambulance chasers get data from garages – Quote from Jason Moseley, RMI Bodyshops

Claims management firms have been accused of using customer details, illegally obtained from garages, to cold call motorists.

The Retail Motor Industry Federation (RMIF), a trade body, has begun an investigation after people received unsolicited calls from firms trying to recruit them to make personal injury claims, within hours of taking their vehicles into garages for repair. “We have direct evidence that data entered into bodyshop systems has found its way in a matter of hours into the hands of third party organisations,” said Jason Moseley, an executive director at the RMIF. “We do not yet know if these actions are legitimate disclosures, the result of a cyber- attack or a physical breach of such systems, so we have taken no chances and launched an investigation.” There are an estimated 31.7m vehicles on UK roads and the car body-repair market alone is estimated to be worth more than £5bn a year.


Roundabout revolution urged for older drivers elderley driver image

T-junctions should be replaced by mini-roundabouts under plans to make the road network more “pensioner-friendly”, a government-backed report has recommended. Ministers have been told that highways should be redesigned to ensure that Britain’s rapidly ageing population can reach friends, shops and the GP surgery with less risk of injury. The Older Drivers Task Force called for T-junctions to be scrapped after figures showed that people aged above 75 were twice as likely to be killed attempting to negotiate them than the average motorist.



The Guardian


Will EU exit mean higher food prices and staff shortages? – Quote from Brian Madderson, PRA Chairman

The weakness of sterling pushes up business overheads because gas and electricity is heavily influenced by crude oil, which is traded in dollars. Transport costs will also come under pressure as the cost of running vehicles, from tractors ploughing fields to retailers’ wagons thundering down motorways to replenish stores, starts to bite. Brian Madderson, chairman of the Petrol Retailers Association, said the price of diesel had risen 2.6p a litre since the referendum. With some investment banks predicting the pound could fall from its current level of $1.33 to $1.15, Madderson said a decline to that level would potentially add 5p to pump prices. “100% of food across the UK is moved by road, we are a road transport economy and what happens to fuel prices will have a significant impact on prices in the shops,” he said.


Churchill says 13% of East London cars are uninsured

One in eight cars on the roads in east London do not have insurance, according to analysis which names the capital as the worst place in Britain for uninsured drivers. About 216,000 of the capital’s 3.9m cars do not have insurance, with north and south-east London also featuring in the list of uninsured hotspots, research by the insurer Churchill found. Drivers involved in an accident in these areas face a significant risk of finding the other driver has no legal or financial protection.





Posted by Paul Carpenter on 04/07/2016