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The Times


Wheels are coming off Seventies icon, the company car – Quote from NFDA (Full Article Attached) ford mondeo

Remember Mondeo Man? Almost always a salesman, he would be the one cruising past on the motorway in his company car with his suit jacket hanging by the back seat. Today, the company car may be more likely to be a Ford Focus or a Nissan Qashqai, but the practice of buying a motor through the business has been powering ahead. There may be bumps in the road, though, for the modern Mondeo Man, thanks to a government proposal to end the tax benefit that fuelled the growth of the company car.


“For the past 40 years the company car has been very much part of the British working environment,” Sue Robinson, director of the National Franchised Dealers Association, said. “In other European countries, people just tend to buy their cars. It’s quite specific to the UK market.”


Apprentices in poor regions ‘will suffer under funding cuts’

Ministers are facing calls to reconsider changes to apprenticeship funding rates amid claims that they will have a devastating effect on the poor. According to campaigners, proposed changes will mean that apprenticeship funds given to colleges and training providers will be reduced by 30 per cent. A group of 54 Labour MPs has warned Theresa May that such savings “entirely contradict” her pledge on entering Downing Street to “help anybody, whatever your background, go as far as your talents will take you”. Ministers and officials argue that providing employers, rather than education providers, with more apprenticeship funding would help to “even out” and improve the system


Hoy urges drivers to support cycle lanes

Sir Chris Hoy has urged motorists to support calls for 5 per cent of the transport budget to be spent on cycle lanes, arguing that it would relieve gridlock in cities. The six-time Olympic champion urged Theresa May to “strike while the iron’s hot” after the British cycling team’s dominance in the Rio Games last month, in which it won six gold medals. He said that more should be invested in translating cycling success at elite level into improved safety on the roads.


Brexit: MPs to debate calls for second EU referendum brexit 2 ref

MPs are to debate a public petition calling for a re-run of the EU referendum which has attracted more than four million signatures.

The petition calls for June’s Leave vote to be restaged since neither side won more than 60% of the vote in the poll and turnout was below 75%. It comes as Brexit Secretary David Davis prepares to make a statement to MPs about progress over the summer.

He is expected to say leaving the EU will offer “new freedoms and horizons”.



The Daily Telegraph


Government urged to guarantee rights of existing EU workers 

The Government has been urged to “provide immediate certainty” to businesses over the residency rights of existing EU employees following the referendum, after two in five companies reported it was a serious concern among their staff.  EU employees at one in 10 British companies have declared their intention to leave the UK, a survey of 800 UK businesses that employ EU workers, conducted by the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC), found. The survey also found that one in 20 businesses said EU employees had already resigned since the Brexit vote.


Manufacturers say pound’s post-Brexit tumble has boosted exports pound fall image

British manufacturing exports have been boosted by sterling’s tumble in the wake of the Brexit vote and strong growth in the sector could return by the end of the year, according to manufacturers. EU demand is underpinning the sector’s confidence about future orders, according to a quarterly survey by industry trade body EEF, which represents thousands of manufacturers and engineers – the first such piece of research since the June 23 referendum. The EEF said the strongest orders had been in electronics and electrical equipment. The research included responses from 450 EEF members.



The Daily Mail


Average petrol and diesel prices across the UK inched up in August as the world oil price recovered petrol

The average prices of petrol and diesel across the UK inched up in August as the world oil price  recovered, figures reveal.

RAC Fuel Watch said that a litre of unleaded was sold for an average of 111.5p at the end of August, up 0.33p on the price at the start of the month. Diesel rose 0.77p, finishing the month not far off a 2016 high at 112.81p. The report suggested that while they were small rises, they cancelled out the fall in the average price of both fuels that took place in July.


Speed sensors are being overwritten to make them capable of reaching almost 30mph

Battery-powered bicycles are being modified to travel at almost 30mph – twice the speed permitted in public places – putting owners and pedestrians at risk. Cyclists fit devices that override a speed sensor on the bikes that cuts the motor at the legal limit of 15.5mph. Others are being sold bikes with motors that exceed the 250-watt power limit permitted on roads. Electric bicycles, or ebikes, have become increasingly popular, with new lighter batteries and models costing less than £2,000. But those capable of exceeding 15.5mph or with larger motors are classed as mopeds and must be registered with the DVLA to be taxed and insured.


The Guardian


Fuel economy: just two cars deliver advertised mileage, tests show 


Thousands of models are 30% worse on average when measuring miles per gallon in real-world conditions, according to comprehensive new data fuel economy 2

Just two cars deliver their advertised fuel economy when on the road, with the thousands of other models 30% worse on average in the real world, according to comprehensive new data.

Some cars, such as the Fiat 500 and Ford Fiesta, gave barely half the mileage advertised. The result is that drivers are being misled and paying far more to drive, say experts, who warn that a stricter official test coming in 2017 will only close about half the gap between official and real fuel efficiency.




Britain rides out Brexit bump as new car registrations rise again  new car sales

New car registration figures issued today reveal that Britain’s love affair with mint motors hasn’t slowed down post Brexit- they’re up for the second month in a row. Many analysts had expected registrations to fall after the uncertainty caused by the referendum vote to leave the EU, but the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) reported an increase of 3.3% registrations in August 2016, to 81,640.

And the wider picture is positive, too, with year-to-date figures over the first eight months of 2016 increasing by 2.8%, at 1.68 million registrations.


Posted by Paul Carpenter on 05/09/2016