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New micro sized electric vehicle unveiled by HondaBack

Honda Motor Co. Ltd has just unveiled a new ‘Micro Commuter Prototype’ a micro sized electric vehicle designed for short distance transportation.

Testing will begin in Japan in 2013 using vehicles based on this prototype model, to verify whether the vehicle has the potential to be used for short everyday journeys for families with small children, senior citizens, home delivery services, commuting and car sharing.

The Micro Commuter Concept was first introduced at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2011 and offers cabin space to seat one adult and up to two children (or a further adult) within its tiny framework. Components such as the battery, motor and control unit are situated within a compact space under the floor and in the rear, in order to produce a body and interior which can accommodate a variety of uses and customer’s needs above and beyond other existing vehicles.

Features of the new Micro Commuter Prototype by Honda include a user-owned tablet device which enables the driver to control functions such as meter display, navigation, audio and back-up camera display. You can also charge the tablet using solar cells mounted on the vehicle roof, a system which Honda is currently researching in the hope of producing solar energy to assist driving in the future.

The introduction of this new Micro Commuter concept is another measure which has been taken by a leading manufacturer to encourage people to think about alternative methods of transport for the future. If you only use your car for shorter journeys such as the school run or a daily commute to work, it is well worth considering trading in your current vehicle for some of the best electric cars.

In fact, the Government are encouraging people to switch to electric cars by offering people 25 per cent off the cost of an EV. The additional advantages of driving the best electric cars is that they are kinder to the environment, cheaper to run than a fuel powered vehicle and you will be exempt from road tax and congestion charges.

Honda’s latest commuter concept car is part of its proposal to create next generation mobility products which expand the joy and fun of mobility whilst minimising the environmental footprint, and Honda has said that it is committed to the continual proactive research and development of such technologies and products.




Posted by Leana Kell on 14/11/2012