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New survey by Ingenie finds attitude to driving can be a problem for young driversBack

A new survey by Ingenie, a car insurance specialist for 17-25 year olds has reported today that the attitude of young drivers can be a problem.

Young drivers are certainly a high-risk group, in fact, one in five have a crash during their first 6 months on the road which is why car insurance premiums for young drivers can be so expensive.

Ingenie, a specialist in car insurance for young drivers is working towards changing attitudes by offering black box car insurance that is not only cheaper than other providers but acts as a co-pilot. It looks at driving habits and measures them to set its premiums as well as providing young drivers with the guidance and feedback they need to improve.

Through research, Ingenie has gained a greater understanding of why young drivers have such a high amount of crashes. It has worked with Cranfield University to study driving trends and driver psychology and has recently commissioned a study that polled 1,000 young drivers and parents to help understand their attitudes to the road.

One of the main findings was that young drivers can be over-confident, with 98 per cent rating themselves as good or average drivers. Young female drivers also saw themselves as being better than mum, whilst males thought their driving talents exceeded both parents.

However, this positive perception does not tie in with the high number of crashes that young drivers have which suggests that it is their attitude that can lead to mistakes and subsequent accidents when behind the wheel.

More encouragingly, the survey found that 83 percent of drivers accepted that their driving could be improved and 62 per cent agreed that gaining more years of experience in driving would help them improve on the road.

Commenting on the results, Richard King, CEO and founder of ingenie said: “ingenie rates young drivers on their own merits when it comes to car insurance, but statistics show it’s a combination of attitude, behaviour and inexperience that causes the high number of crashes this age group has. We’re helping tackle the problem by giving young people plenty of feedback on how they’re doing, reviewing their premiums every three months and automatically applying discounts for good driving.

“So far, the vast majority of young drivers insured with us have been shown to make positive improvements to their driving – 70% of our community have received a quarterly discount for better driving. After one year with ingenie, our customers’ renewal premiums were on average more than 50% cheaper than their starting price. Ultimately we want to play our part in creating safer roads – not just for young drivers, but for all road users.”

To see the full results of the survey go to




Posted by Leana Kell on 12/03/2013