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Prices of 4x4s begin to riseBack

If you’re thinking about purchasing a 4×4 car this winter, now is the best time if you want to avoid the price rise which is set to climb higher as we get nearer to the winter months.

British Car Auctions, a leading vehicle auction company, has recently reported that motorists will face a hike in 4×4 values this winter, and with severe weather conditions predicted for the third winter in a row, the prices are set to continue rising.

September saw a significant rise in the price of 4×4 cars, with prices getting nearer to those seen in January and February this year, with the average car sold by BCA in September increasing to £12,805, £300 more than in the previous month.

Tim Naylor from BCA is encouraging those who wish to buy a 4×4 car to make their purchase now, to avoid inflated prices as well as being caught out in the snow.

“For many motorists – particularly those living in rural or remote areas – a 4×4 is becoming a necessity in winter, rather than a luxury” said Tim Naylor. “Although we had an unusually warm September, prices have already started rising and the first hint of snow and severe winter conditions could see significant demand for all-weather vehicles which will send values sky high.”

If you are considering purchasing a 4×4 this winter, it is well worth looking at other ways in which your purchase could save you money long term. One of the most important factors to consider is the car’s residual value. This is its value after 3 years, when some cars can drop dramatically to less than 50 per cent of their original price. Purchasing a car which will retain more than two thirds of its residual value is sensible and brands which can offer this type of return include Volkswagen, Ford, BMW and Audi.

Other ways to add value to your car include adding extra equipment such as alloy wheels, leather interior, air-conditioning and satellite-navigation. Buyers are also often looking for more quirky accessories that other cars may not offer such as mounted spotlights or a roof bar, which can also boost the price.

One of the best options to ensure you gain good value for money on a 4×4 car is to purchase it second hand, meaning you can benefit from the drop in residual value as well as gain a superb car at a lower price. Visiting websites such as Trusted Dealers will guarantee you a wide selection of excellent used cars, so why not head to our used cars search page to start looking for your perfect 4×4 car for winter today.



Posted by Leana Kell on 17/10/2011