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Prince Harry and Meghan: More royal wedding details expectedBack


Prince Harry and Meghan: More royal wedding details expected

More details on the royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are expected to be revealed later. Clarence House announced on Monday that the couple were engaged and planning to marry in spring, but no details of the ceremony or specific date were given. In their first joint TV interview, the prince said “beautiful” Ms Markle “just tripped and fell into my life”. And the fifth in line to the throne revealed he proposed to the American actress as they made roast chicken.



UK banks could handle ‘disorderly Brexit’

The UK’s banks could cope if Britain leaves the European Union in a “disorderly Brexit” in 2019, the Bank of England has said. For the first time since the financial crisis, all of the UK’s biggest lenders have passed the Bank’s stress tests. The tests of adverse economic scenarios discover if the banks could continue to lend money to support the UK economy. Bank governor Mark Carney said they would be able to, even in “the unlikely event” of no deal when Brexit happens.



Black Friday weekend: Online the winner in sales frenzy

If you thought the shops were looking quiet last Friday then you were right. A whopping £1.4bn was spent on online sales in the UK on Black Friday – up some 11.7% on last year, according to online retailers trade body IMRG. But on High Streets, shopping centres and retail parks it was a different story with footfall figures down 3.6%, analysis firm Springboard said. Online’s shopping growth is already an established trend, but IMRG says it works particularly well for sales.


The Financial Times


Tesla truck will need energy of 4,000 homes to recharge, research claims 

One of Europe’s leading energy consultancies has estimated that Tesla’s electric haulage truck will require the same energy as up to 4,000 homes to recharge, calculations that raise questions over the project’s viability.  The US electric carmaker unveiled a battery-powered lorry earlier this month, promising haulage drivers they could add 400 miles of charge in as little as 30 minutes using a new “megacharger” to be made by the company.  John Feddersen, chief executive of Aurora Energy Research, a consultancy set up in 2013 by a group of Oxford university professors, said the power required for the megacharger to fill a battery in that amount of time would be 1,600 kilowatts.


The Times


Ban on parking spaces in bid to cut air pollution 

Parking spaces will be banned from homes and office blocks in parts of London under radical plans to cut the number of journeys made by car. Sadiq Khan, the London mayor, will announce today that hundreds of new office and housing developments are likely to be car free to boost cycling rates and increase the number of people using green public transport. A draft plan setting out housing and transport priorities for the next 25 years will propose banning parking spaces in inner London and other areas with good access to public transport. This could include centres such as Stratford, Croydon, Wimbledon and Wood Green.


The Daily Mail


Have diesel cars been unfairly demonised for air pollution? Roadside nitrogen dioxide levels in Europe are LESS than thought, study finds 

It’s one of the most polluting gases in the world, and it can have extreme effects on both the environment and human health. But a new study suggests that nitrogen dioxide (NO2) levels could be as much as two times smaller than thought in Europe. The findings suggest that diesel cars may have been unfairly demonised, and that European roadside air quality standards could be achieved sooner than expected. But scientists warn that Europe still have a major air pollution problem.  The average NO2 concentration in the air at roadsides remains at least 70 micrograms per cubic metre – well above the European target.


The Daily Express


How to prevent keyless entry car being hacked by criminals 

Keyless entry car theft is gaining proliferation in the UK as more criminals are using radio transmitters to perform ‘relay’ car hacks. Vehicle security experts Thatcham Research have offered some advice to help prevent these shocking crimes. Yesterday it was reported that a new Mercedes was stolen from its owner’s driveway in a crime that took just one minute.  The CCTV footage was the latest in a spate of ‘transmitter relay’ attacks targeting vehicle’s keyless entry system. Criminals are exploiting the vulnerabilities of keyless entry system using pairs of radio transmitters by capturing the signal from the car’s fob.  Keyless entry are those that allow drivers to open and start the vehicle without even touching the fob or even removing it from their pocket.


The Sun


Brits forced out of diesels and into electric cars ‘could be left stranded’ as there aren’t enough charging points

Brits being forced out of diesels and into electric cars could be left running out of juice due to a lack of places to charge up. New car buyers face hefty diesel taxes from April 2018 and are being urged to go green with extra backing for electric car sales. But current figures show there’s just one charging point for every 53 miles in the UK, according to new analysis by finance firm Moneybarn. That’s compared to a fuel station every 29 miles – and petrol and diesel motors have a much bigger range than an electric car. Most pure battery models need to charge every 100 miles meaning the current number of plug-in points could leave motorists dangerously low on charge and out of range for stations during long journeys and non-motorway travel. The problem is expected to get worse unless infrastructure ramps up with the number of electric cars on UK roads expected to hit 700,000 by 2020.



How to get yourself a temporary driving job this Christmas – and they’ll pay up to £15 per hour 

Having a few extra quid in the bank for Christmas is always nice. And this month could be the perfect time to nab yourself a temp job for the festive season. You shouldn’t wait till the New Year to search for a new job – instead cash in with a motoring job right. And according to recruiters, the number of jobs available in November is higher than the year average so firms look to fill vacant slots. And recruiters reckon automotive roles are just as vital as the hospitality and retail industry. Jobs currently advertising include mechanics, delivery drivers and car park attendants – with wages up to £12 per hour.

Posted by Paul Carpenter on 28/11/2017