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Santa’s sleigh may be due an upgradeBack

The team at hpi have got into the Christmas spirit and worked out that Santa is well overdue a new sleigh. After yet another year of present delivering, the sleigh will have greatly depreciated in value. Here’s why.

This Christmas, Santa will distribute gifts to approximately 233,000,000 households that celebrate Christmas around the world. The Earth’s surface area is 510,000,000km which means on average each stop between households will be around 1.47km (0.91 miles) apart. Father Christmas will therefore have to travel a total of approximately 342,510,000km (212,030,000 miles).

Assuming Santa is visiting at least one child per household, that’s 233,000,000 stops for his sleigh.

Just like with any vehicle, the increasing mileage will contribute towards the sleigh’s depreciation, along with factors such as age and condition and market availability.

Below is a list of factors that Santa and other vehicle owners should be mindful of.

Excessive mileage – Santa’s sleigh will clock up more than 212,000 miles in just one night. Although the average car would take years to drum up this amount of miles, it’s well worth being mindful of frequent longer trips and the affect they can have on your car’s overall value.

Condition – make sure you look after your vehicle as factors such as multiple dents, scrapes and scratches can all affect its value. You might not be clipping rooftops or chimney stacks, but there are many hazards on UK roads which can be just as damaging to your car’s value.

Weight – naturally Santa’s sleigh will be weighed down with lots of presents which can be taxing for any vehicle. Try not to regularly overload your boot with excess luggage as this can contribute to the vehicle’s overall wear and tear and increase your fuel consumption.

Fuel – fuel might not directly affect the condition of a vehicle but it is certainly a contributing factor when selling your car on. Keen buyers will be eager to ascertain how much it costs to fill up a tank, so be mindful when choosing your next vehicle of its fuel costs and how they could affect its overall value.

Road tax and insurance for Santa’s sleigh will hit the roof, thanks to potential hazards such as collisions with aircraft, multiple hit and run type accidents and the fact he has to leave his sleigh unattended while performing millions of trips down the chimney. It’s worth checking any vehicle’s road tax costs before you make a purchase.

James Dower, used car specialist at hpi said: We think it’s about time that Santa gave his current sleigh the sack and put his team of reindeers out to grass. While they’ve served him well, the sheer volume of ground they’ve covered, not to mention sea and air too, has led to huge depreciation. I’m not sure it would fetch that much at an auction if I’m being honest – maintenance on a vehicle like this is costly and the parts are very rare.

“In a break with tradition, Santa may wish to consider trading his beloved sled in for another model. A rocket powered sleigh presents one viable option but the fuel costs would be huge not to mention the environmental impact. A hybrid or electric sleigh could also be an option but it’s likely there’d be a risk of huge delays on deliveries as Santa would have to wait for it to recharge and may also run into difficulty finding charging stations, particularly in some of the more remote areas he delivers to.”

As part of Trusted Dealers’ 10 points of difference promise, we offer all of our cars with hpi or Experian checks providing buyers with total peace of mind when leaving the forecourt. For more information or to purchase a used car, click here.

Posted by Leana Kell on 20/12/2017