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Smoking in cars costsBack

The British Medical Association has called for a ban on smoking in cars today.

The campaign has come about to protect passengers travelling in cars with smokers. Occupants can be exposed to fumes through passive smoking which will damage their health.

The ban has been encouraged as a way of protecting the health of children in particular, and the British Medical Association has highlighted recent research which shows that the levels of toxins caused by smoking in cars can be up to 23 times higher than in a smoky bar.

The ban on smoking in cars can also have an effect on the resale value of cars owned by smokers, with vehicle remarketing company, British Car Auctions (BCA) citing that motorists who smoke in vehicles over a period of time will see a serious decrease in the car’s resale value.

“This is an incredibly important health issue – and we don’t want to undermine that by any means. But if drivers aren’t motivated by the health of their passengers, perhaps they will be by the diminishing health of their finances” said Tim Naylor, PR Manager, British Car Auctions. Lighting up inside a car seriously devalues the vehicle for resale.”

Research conducted by the BCA sites that smoking is one of the top factors influencing used car prices and that buyers are instantly put off by cars which smell of stale smoke and will simply look elsewhere if this is the case.

Although smokers may think that professional valeting is the answer to alleviating the smell of smoke and its effects from their car, often the interior trim can also need replacing as it becomes stained with nicotine.

Naylor concluded “Motorists should avoid having a cigarette in their car, especially if they intend to sell it in the near future. This will avoid the lingering smell of cigarettes in the interior, as well as eliminate the risk of scorch marks on the upholstery or dash. All of these things will put buyers off, even if they smoke themselves.”



Posted by Leana Kell on 16/11/2011