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The rise of the SkodaBack

290413 SkodaYeti

The Telegraph has just released its Driver Power list revealing the best cars to own in 2013 and Skoda has come out on top, taking not just the first place but the second too.

Once classed as one of the lesser makes of car to own, theSkoda has risen from strength to strength over the years and has become a very successful make of car, in fact, the best car to currently own in the UK according to the poll.

The Driver Power survey is a poll of 46,000 car owners which was carried out by Auto Express magazine in conjunction with the Telegraph. The findings from the survey were published by Auto Express as a list of the top 100 best cars to own in the UK. The survey was based on a number of factors to include reliability, running costs, performance, ride quality, practicality and ease of driving.

At the top of the chart was the Skoda Yeti whilst in second place was also the Skoda Superb, and in sixth was the Octavia, which certainly gives other top brands something to think about.

So why does Skoda deserve its place at the top of the pile? One of the key elements is value for money. Certainly the build, reliability and affordable price tag are all attractive elements, and a helpful dealer network ensures Skodas are priced well for both retail and fleet buyers. In fact, click on the Skoda website and you can instantly receive a 25% discount off a Skoda Fabia supermini.

But the key to the success of Skoda lies in its ability to produce more interesting and practical cars. Unlike its sister company, Seat, who has struggled in Europe having been stuck with a fixed range of VW Group derived models, Skoda has been given the freedom to offer a wide range of new cars which appeal to a greater scale of drivers.

The winning car for 2013 in the Driver Power list is the Skoda Yeti Crossover SUV which is a prime example of this offering a spacious, fun to drive and affordable package that you can’t get elsewhere from the VW Group. Another popular model is the Skoda Roomster, offering a highly practical small car which is appealing in design as well as affordability, and the Skoda Superb which offers a vast amount of legroom in comparison to its rivals.

There will always be some people who cannot get past the badge and will refuse to accept that a Skoda can actually be just as fun to drive as a VW or Ford car, but there are at least 49,000 voters who would beg to differ.


Posted by Leana Kell on 29/04/2013