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Theresa May to meet EU business leadersBack


Theresa May to meet EU business leaders 

European business leaders will meet Prime Minister Theresa May later on Monday to voice concerns about the future of UK-EU trade. Experts from groups including the CBI and BusinessEurope will stress the need for a transitional deal that preserves the status quo after Brexit. They will urge the government to clarify the future relationship between the UK and the rest of the EU. The next round of Brexit talks is due to start in mid-December. They will meet Mrs May at No 10, as well as Business Secretary Greg Clark, Brexit Secretary David Davis and Economic Secretary to the Treasury Stephen Barclay.


Trump emissions threat to US car industry 

The US car industry will be wrecked if President Trump relaxes emissions standards, California’s governor says. Jerry Brown said China would dominate car manufacture because it was heavily promoting the electric vehicles that would dominate the future. He said huge investment was needed on electric vehicles, along with federal rules to encourage their purchase. He said President Trump and US car-makers were “half asleep” and hadn’t understood the scale of the challenge.


NI Budget Bill to be passed into law at Westminster 

Northern Ireland’s budget will be passed into law at Westminster later this week after 10 months without a devolved executive at Stormont. NI Secretary James Brokenshire has said that the region’s civil service will begin to run out of money if a budget is not in place by the end of November. Talks between the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) and Sinn Féin have failed to reach a deal. The budget numbers were recently shared with the local parties.



The Times


Driverless cars ‘could be hacked to cause pile-ups’

Driverless cars are at risk from hackers who intend to cause accidents, MPs have been warned. Hackers who remotely access the controls of driverless cars would have the ability to cause pile-ups on motorways, Matthew Channon, an expert in motor insurance at Exeter University, said. He added that because driverless cars were wirelessly connected to each other criminals who hacked the systems of one car could potentially gain access to the controls of others.


Traffic lights on motorways to cut congestion 

Traffic lights will be installed on motorways under plans to ease congestion on the busiest routes. The system will be introduced next month during rush hours on link roads where motorways meet. Highways England said that traffic lights would be placed at the junction of the M6 and M62 near Warrington, Cheshire, as part of a £7 million trial. At present, traffic lights are installed on slip roads leading on to motorways. The new development is the first wholesale attempt to put them on link roads, which are part of motorways. The move comes after a surge in the amount of motorway traffic.



The Daily Telegraph


Drivers to receive text message reminders to book MOTs

Drivers will for the first time receive a text from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency to remind them their car is due for an MOT check. The new messaging service was set up after figures showed that more than a quarter of Britain’s cars are overdue vital road safety checks. Some 28 per cent of vehicles are late for their MOT while two-thirds of those are at least a week behind schedule the DVSA found.  The agency has launched a free “Get MOT Reminders” service enabling drivers to receive a text message or email four weeks before their car’s MOT is due. Motorists can be fined up to £1,000 if they are caught driving a car without a valid MOT certificate. The test costs a maximum of £54.85.


Diesel critic makes U-turn and warns of risk to used car prices from ‘demonisation’ of the fuel 

Prices of used diesel vehicles could be “cratered” by a broad-brush regulatory regime that doesn’t discriminate between most and least polluting ­engines, it has been claimed. Nick Molden, chief executive of the testing company Emissions Analytics and one of the harshest critics of diesel at the height of the VW scandal, has come to the defence of the fuel. His company’s on-the-road tests have found some of the most modern diesel cars, classed as meeting the Euro 6 standard of pumping out no more than 80mg of NOx pollution per kilometre, achieve far better performances. “Some of the latest diesel cars are as good as petrol cars on pollution,” said Mr Molden, whose company has established the EQUA Air Quality Index, which gives an independent assessment of how much pollution cars emit. However, with the Government considering a tax on diesel vehicles in the Budget to help fund its Air Quality Strategy, buyers are shying away from cars powered by the fuel.



The Sun


More than half of UK motorists say Chancellor Philip Hammond’s fuel duty hike ‘will ruin our Christmas’

More than half UK motorists will have to cut back on Christmas if the Chancellor hikes fuel duty, a poll says. And campaigners claim fed-up drivers now believe Jeremy Corbyn is more in touch with them than Theresa May. The FairFuel UK survey reveals 55 per cent of the 6,200 quizzed would cut festive spending if a Budget hike meant higher fuel bills. Some 89 per cent say they’ll need to cut back on everything from going out to eating.





The Daily Mirror


Most annoying driving habits have been revealed – how many do you do?

Unsurprisingly, nearly two thirds of those polled admitted their own driving can be affected by irritants on the road, and at times they don’t drive as safely as they should themselves when trying to avoid other annoying drivers. David Carter from Accident Advice Helpline, who commissioned the study said: “It’s understandable for motorists to get frustrated but we are all guilty of causing danger to other road users when driving. “It’s important to not let your emotions get the better of you when other motorists are driving dangerously, as this won’t always end well.” Drivers who ‘rev’ at traffic lights, those who are slow to pull out and taking too long to park are among the top 50 bugbears.


Posted by Paul Carpenter on 13/11/2017