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The Financial Times


Electric car boom raises pollution fears electric car charge

A boom in electric cars means Europe would have to look at building the equivalent of nearly 50 power stations the size of the UK’s planned Hinkley Point nuclear plant, EU experts have warned. And if big fleets of plug-in cars are charged with electricity from power plants burning coal, the dirtiest fossil fuel, overall levels of sulphur dioxide air pollution are likely to rise, a study from the government-funded European Environment Agency shows. Cars that run on batteries are widely regarded as an unalloyed environmental blessing compared with dirtier, smellier petrol or diesel vehicles and the new research confirms that a big shift to plug-in transport offers many benefits.


More people die of drug misuse than on the roads road accident

Drug misuse causes 10 times as many deaths as collisions on the roads in parts of England and Wales. Analysis by BBC News has found drug misuse deaths outnumbered road fatalities in three quarters of local authority areas between 2013 and 2015.The number of people dying of drug misuse has recently reached a record high. Public Health England (PHE) said it needed to ensure the most vulnerable drug users could access treatment. Analysing data from the Office for National Statistics BBC News has found that that 75% of all local authorities in England and Wales have seen more people die because of drug misuse than on the roads.




Mario Draghi urges EU to take tough line with UK in Brexit talks mario

Mario Draghi has become the latest European official to push for the EU to take a tough line in negotiations with the UK over Brexit, saying Britain should be refused access to the single market unless it sticks to rules on free movement of labour. “Regardless of the type of relationship that emerges between the European Union and the United Kingdom, it is of utmost importance that the integrity of the single market is respected,” Mr Draghi said, speaking at the European Parliament on Monday. “Any outcome should ensure that all participants are subject to the same rules.”



The Daily Telegraph


Blow to BMW workers as car maker plans to close final salary pensions to new contributions bmw workers

German car giant BMW is on a collision course with its UK workers over plans to  stop  5,000 employees from making fresh contributions to its two gold-plated final salary pension schemes, the Daily Telegraph has learnt. In a blow to employees, it has emerged that BMW wants all its UK staff to start paying into a less generous defined contribution (DC) pension plan, which it launched in 2014 and already has about 2,000 members. It plans to close its two defined benefit schemes (DB) to future accrual by so-called active members at the start of June next year and will consult with workers on the changes. Both are in deficit. The bigger DB scheme had an estimated deficit of £813m at the end of 2015, while the other had a £34.8m shortfall. Unite, the union, immediately declared last night that it would oppose BMW’s proposals.



MG ZT with only three miles in 11 years sells for £12,000MG rover
2004 MG ZT with a genuine three miles on the clock, which is believed to be the best condition and lowest mileage MG Rover in the world, has been sold for more than its estimate, fetching £12,100. The MG ZT 1.8 Turbo is described as “exactly as it left the Longbridge factory” and was estimated to sell for between £8,500 and £10,500 when it went under the hammer at Classic Car Auctions’ (CCA) sale at the Warwickshire Exhibition Centre on September 24.

The seller (and only previous owner) purchased the car in 2005 from a dealer in Derby who was selling his stock at half price following the collapse of MG Rover. It was delivered with only one mile on the clock. He decided to maintain it as the best in the world, so the car was immediately placed into storage, initially in a heated garage and subsequently in a dehumidified chamber.



The Independent  


Government accused of ‘victim blaming’ cyclists after road safety video tells them to avoid lorries 

The Government has been accused of “victim blaming” cyclists after a road safety video urged them to “hang back” to avoid being crushed when a lorry turns left. The video shows a number of “thing you shouldn’t get caught between” such as a falling piano and the street, a cartoon of two swinging girders, which hit a worker eating his lunch, and a wrecking ball and building. It then shows a lorry and a cyclist, side by side on an urban street. The lorry turns left, crushing the cyclist.  “Don’t get caught between a lorry and a left turn. Hang back,” it adds. A third of collisions between cyclists and lorries happen at left turns. And a fifth of crashes where a cyclist is killed involve HGVs.





Posted by Paul Carpenter on 27/09/2016