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The Financial Times


European diesel car sales hit by VW scandal vw

Standing before shareholders in Ingolstadt last month, Audi chief executive Rupert Stadler bore unfortunate news.

“The burden resulting from the diesel issue has not been relieved,” Mr Stadler told investors, indicating the diesel emissions scandal that engulfed Audi parent company Volkswagen in September was still weighing on the luxury carmaker.

After holding steady for several years, Audi’s diesel car sales in the EU as a proportion of the total had begun to slip, from 69 per cent in 2015 to 67 per cent in the first four months of this year.



The Daily Telegraph


Toyota sends ‘Brexit’ warning letter to ALL its employees brexit image 8

Toyota has written to its 500 strong workforce in Deeside to warn them that ‘Brexit’ could hit their business in the UK. The company had intended to stay out of the debate on the EU referendum but said there had been “unfortunate and repeated” misrepresentation of their position by Vote Leave. It included using their logo on Vote Leave literature. This has prompted the company to write an open letter to all UK staff – which include 500 workers at the Deeside plant, which makes engines for the Toyota Auris.


David Beckham announces he will vote to stay in the EU

David Beckham has announced he will be voting to Remain in the EU on Thursday. The famous footballer and national treasure said Europe is a team and it needs to play together to succeed. The ex-Manchester United player praised the European players he’d shared a pitch with over his career and the experience of playing across the cities of Europe.  However, his wife expressed some very strong opinion’s against the EU in an interview with the Spectator in 1996. She said: “The whole European Federal plan is ridiculous. We are patriotic. The single currency is an outrage.


The Guardian

European commission warned of car emissions test cheating, five years before VW scandal


The European commission was warned by its own experts that a car maker was suspected of cheating emissions tests five years before the VW emissions scandal.

A documents cache seen by the Guardian show that the commission’s in-house science service told it in 2010 that tests had uncovered what researchers suspected to be a “defeat device” that could cheat emissions tests.

VW was caught by US authorities last year using defeat device software that detected if a car was being driven under lab test conditions, and adjusted itself to reduce emissions of harmful nitrogen oxide (NOx) pollution. Under real world conditions, the 11m VW cars affected had higher NOx emissions.



Rolls-Royce unveils first driverless car complete with silk ‘throne’ driverless rolls royce image

Rolls-Royce has unveiled its first driverless vehicle, a concept car that promises to help its owner announce their importance to the world.

The Vision Next 100 is an autonomous vehicle aimed at “the most discerning and powerful patrons in the world”. It has no steering wheel and a silk “throne” from which its occupants can watch the world go by.

Rolls-Royce said the zero-emission model, codenamed 103EX, showed the company “rejects the notion of anonymous, utilitarian and bland future modes of mobility”.


The Daily Mail


Car giants ‘will be desperate to keep trading with UK’: Leave campaign hits back at warnings from companies about Brexit

The Leave campaign last night hit back at warnings from foreign car companies about Brexit – claiming those same firms will be ‘desperate’ to strike a trade deal with Britain if it quits the EU.  American motor giant Ford claimed in a memo to its 14,000 UK staff that remaining in the EU would help create an ‘even stronger business and create a more secure future’ for employees.

Bosses of Jaguar Land Rover, Toyota, BMW and Vauxhall also said Brexit would put jobs and investment at risk.

Posted by Paul Carpenter on 21/06/2016