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Uber plans to test on-demand flying cars network by 2020Back


Uber plans to test on-demand flying cars network by 2020 

Uber has unveiled plans to partner with plane manufacturers to develop and test a network of flying cars by 2020.

The ride-sharing company said it will run trials in the US city of Dallas and Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

The flying electric taxis are being developed with aviation companies including Embraer and Bell Helicopter. While the technology is largely unproven, Uber believes the service will eventually cost about the same as its car rides.



General election 2017: Labour promises pay rises for NHS staff 

NHS staff will get higher pay and there will be no tuition fees for student nurses and midwives under a Labour government, the party is promising. Labour said the policies would help address staffing shortages in England that had become a “threat to patients”. The promises mark the first of what are expected to be a series of policy announcements on the NHS by Labour. But the Conservatives said Labour’s nonsensical economic policies would put the health service at risk.



Coca Cola to cut 1,200 jobs 

The US firm Coca-Cola has said it will cut about 1,200 jobs due to falling demand for its fizzy drinks. Its global carbonated drink sales fell 1% in the quarter to 31 March, Coca-Cola said. Coca-Cola and rival PepsiCo’s sales have taken a hit as consumers in North America and Europe have increasingly turned away from sugary drinks.

The Coca-Cola cuts will begin in the second half of 2017 and continue into 2018, the company said.



The Daily Telegraph


Volkswagen under fresh pressure to pay out in UK over ‘dieselgate’ scandal 

Volkswagen is under renewed pressure to pay compensation to British motorists caught up in the “dieselgate” scandal, as well reveal the findings of the huge investigation into how the company deliberately cheated emissions controls. The calls came from MPs on the Transport Select Committee (TSC) who say the company is treating the British public with “complete disregard”. Members of the committee say owners of the 1.2m VW cars in the UK affected by dieselgate are being treated like “poor relations” compared to their peers in the US, where billions are being paid to owners of affected cars.



The Daily Express


Millions of motorists considering financing a car instead of buying, this is why

There is set to be an increase in the amount of cars that are bought on a lease or financing deals because of the increasing fees motorists are expected to pay.  A new study by Servicing Stop  has found that despite only 18 per cent of motorists financing their cars, more than a third are more likely to finance their next vehicle rather than rent or buy.  Over 10 per cent of drivers said that the higher insurance premiums on new models has completely put them off buying altogether.  Half of UK drivers said they couldn’t afford to buy a new or used car outright.  Almost 40 per cent said that the attraction of financing a car was the low down payment they had to make on the car.



Posted by Paul Carpenter on 26/04/2017