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VW confirms its super-efficient XL1 car will go into productionBack

Leading car brand Volkswagen has just revealed its XL1 two-seater electric car, capable of 314mpg, and set for limited production later this year.

Volkswagen has unveiled its production version of the new XL1 diesel-electric hybrid car which VW are claiming will be capable of travelling more than 62 miles on one litre of diesel.

The new lightweight two-seater car has previously been revealed as a concept car, but Volkswagen is confident that it can carry through figures of 314mpg and 21g/km of CO2 emissions to production level.

This impressive level of efficiency has been created by using the XL1’s kerbweight, aerodynamic design and frugal powertrain engine. The XL1 weighs just 795kg with a body that is made up mostly of carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic and an ultra-thin glass windscreen.

But if you think that lightweight means flimsy, think again as the carbon-fibre reinforced plastic actually provides a high-strength survival space in the event of a crash. Front and rear aluminium structures also make up part of the XL1 which are designed to absorbe most of the crash energy, and the doors are fitted with explosive bolts to enable the driver and passenger to get out of the vehicle if it flips up-side down.

The new Volkswagen XL1 is set to come with a 800cc two-cylinder diesel engine which offers 47bhp and a 27bhp electric motor. In electric-only mode, the XL1 will be capable of travelling approximately 30 miles on a single charge, or in diesel mode at normal motorway speeds. Furthermore VW claims that the XL1 can average around 130-140mpg or 250 miles on one 10-litre tank.

Inside the cabin, the driver and passenger are seated next to one another with one seat set slightly behind the other. There is a simply laid out dash which is not too dissimilar from other models in the Volkswagen line-up, and the VW XL1 also comes with a 120-litre boot space.

Volkswagen have yet to reveal the price for the new XL1 car but have said that it will almost certainly be sold initially as a lease car rather than outright. Annual production is estimated at between 50 to 5,000 models and at present the UK has requested just 50 cars.

Posted by Leana Kell on 25/02/2013