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Financial Timesgeorgie peorgie

Osborne woos China with show of support on economy
George Osborne arrived in Beijing yesterday to proclaim the advent of “a golden decade” in Sino-British relations, strengthening his role as a leading advocate of China and its slowing economy.


Companies & Markets

VW apologises for cheating US car exhaust emissions tests
The chief executive of Volkswagen gas apologised and ordered an external investigation into finding that the carmaker cheated on US emissions tests to make its vehicles appear less polluting.

Plunging oil prices put question mark over $1.5tn of projects
Plunging oil prices have rendered more than a trillion dollars of future spending on energy projects uneconomic, according to a study that suggests that the impact on industry operators is worsening. A report published today says $1.5tn of potential global investment – including North America’s shale-producing heartlands – is “out of money” at current oil prices close to $50 a barrel and unlikely to go ahead.

The Times

Tired voters give Greek leader fresh mandate
Alexis Tsipras was last night returned to power by weary Greek voters who gave him a fresh mandate to deliver the tough reforms demanded by the country’s creditors. The leftwinger won the gamble he took by calling a second general election this year after he caused a split in his party, Syriza, by agreeing to implement austerity measures demanded by the European Union.

Tory MPs urge party machine to stay neutral over EU poll
David Cameron is facing a new row over Europe as Tory MPs demand that the party remains strictly neutral in the EU referendum campaign.

In-car gadgets and cuts blamed for soaring crash rate
The number of serious accidents on Britain’s roads is rising, and reports suggest that government cuts in safety budgets and drivers’ use of in-car technology are to blame. Figures show that the number of deaths and serious injuries rose faster last year than at any time in the past decade. In all, 1,775 people were killed and hurt 22,897 hurt, a rise of more than 5 per cent – in what was only the second year-on-year rise in the accidents rate since 2005.

Corner shops keen to join 5p charge for plastic bags
Thousands of corner shops are planning to start charging 5p for a plastic bag from next month even though they are exempt from the new rules making payment compulsory.

The Guardian

Work with Labour? Maybe, says Farron, no way, says Cable
Senior Liberal Democrats yesterday crashed over whether they could ever work with Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party as they gathered for their first conference since their near wipeout at the general election.

Clegg to warn: leaving Europe would split UK
If Britain votes to leave the European Union in the forthcoming referendum it will risk breaking up the United Kingdom, the former deputy prime minister Nick Clegg will say.

The Daily Telegraph

Corbyn faces cabinet mutiny
A shadow cabinet minister yesterday said he has “no idea” if Jeremy Corbyn can win the next election, and rejected six key policies out forward by the new Labour leader.


Daily Express

Don’t rush EU poll, Cameron warned
Worried Tory ministers yesterday warned David Cameron not to rush Britain’s referendum on leaving the European Union. Eurosceptics have threatened revolt amid fears a vote next year would not leave enough time to win proper reform or convince people to back the option of leaving.

Posted by Paul Carpenter on 21/09/2015