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The Times

Fatal road crashes five times more likely to involve lorries

A study conducted by the Campaign for Better Transport, which found that HGVs are involved in five times as m any fatal accidents as other vehicles. The study revealed that heavy goods vehicles accounted for 1.4 per cent of traffic on minor roads in 2012, but were involved in more than 7 per cent of the most serious accidents. On motorways they made up 10.9 per cent of traffic and were involved in 52.3 per cent of the worst collisions. The campaign is calling for higher taxes for HGVs and an increase in freight carried long distances by rail, taking lorries off the road completely. The findings were rejected by the Road Haulage Association, which said that the latest generation of lorries was safer and greener than ever.

Cycle accident in London every two hours

Figures from research conducted by Aviva, which have revealed that a cyclist is involved in an accident with a motor vehicle once every two hours on average on roads around London. Almost 23,000 incidents involving bicycles were recorded in the capital over a four-year period, while two-thirds of injury claims handled across Britain in one 12-month period involved cyclists commuting to work. Vans or heavy goods vehicles implicated in almost three quarters of incidents. The research also found that cyclists often failed to take necessary precautions, as half of women and almost one third of men involved in accidents were not wearing helmets and a third of cyclists hit after dark had no lights.


The Daily Telegraph

GKN surges forward in slipstream of 4×4 demand

GKN’s annual results showed sales in Driveline rose 8 per cent, thanks to SUV orders in particular. GKN, which produces parts used in more than 50 per cent of all new cars, showed that on a statutory basis, pre-tax profit more than halved to £221 million.


The Guardian

Lawnmowers and golf buggies need insurance, rules EU

a new European Union directive, under which hundreds of thousands of people may have to insure lawnmowers, golf buggies and mobility scooters for the first time. Full motor insurance will be required for all vehicles, including those that never leave private land. The move prompted an angry response from the Department of Transport, which is engaged in talks with the EU to minimise the effects of the directive. Robert Goodwill, the roads minister, said the directive would probably lead to a rise in insurance costs for all British motorists, who are charged an average £30 levy to cover accidents involving untraced or uninsured drivers. This levy would have to go up as the scope of motor insurance was widened, he said.


The Independent

“Millions of pounds” hang on one parking fine appeal

A legal challenge launched by motorist Barry Beavis over a £85 parking ticket issued by private parking operator Parking Eye for staying at the Riverside Retail Park 56 minutes more than he was allowed. The RAC Foundation said that if Mr Beavis won, it would establish a precedent that might allow thousands of motorists to hit back with refund claims. According to a recent Dispatches documentary, the number of parking tickets issued by private companies is now 2.5 million a year.


Posted by Lois Hardy on 25/02/2015