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The Financial Times

Cameron boards No10 bus for one final lap


David Cameron today embarks on a 36-hour final national campaign bus tour, as he appeals for the votes and seats that could allow him to cling to power in a hung parliament.

Companies and Markets

Qoros stakes survival on China

From Fisker to Coda, the car industry is littered with failed start-ups. Qoros is hoping to avoid the same fate. The Sino-Israeli carmaker made waves when it launched its first car in 2013 with ambitions to simultaneously crack China, the world’s biggest vehicle market, and Europe, one of the most competitive.

Beijing shakes up leadership at national oil companies

China appointed new heads for each of its three national oil companies yesterday, in a major reshuffle of the sector at the heart if its two-year anti-corruption drive. The oil industry has been ground zero for the country’s anti-corruption purge, which has targeted patronage networks belonging to former energy and security tsar Zhou Yongkang.

The Times


Spring turns to stumble as Eurozone suffers economic setback

Manufacturing in the Eurozone’s economies stuttered in April, held back by contractions in France and Greece and weak growth in Germany and the Republic of Ireland, according to a closely watched survey.

Racing car driver with inside track

A fast-thinking Yorkshire entrepreneur with a reputation for straight talking, Lawrence Tomlinson has been addressing the GRG scandal since he published a scathing report on the division two years ago (James Hurley writes).

Hyundai joins the cleanest inner-city race in the world

They have been tested on its roads and are aimed squarely at its congested, polluted market, but the irony is that London is where hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles work least effectively. That, however, according to their manufacturers, is entirely the point.

Rolls-Royce drills into fracking

Divisions of the Weir Group and Rolls-Royce have joined forces to develop a power system aiming to make the complex process of fracking for oil and gas more efficient.


The Independent

Sixty per cent want voting reform

A majority of Britons now support electoral reform, amid growing fears of chaos after Thursday’s general election, according to a survey for The Independent. Politicans from all parties admitted yesterday that there will be a renewed debate about voting reform if the first-past-the-post system produces the stalemate suggested by the opinion polls.


The Daily Telegraph


Labour’s £200bn carbon bombshell

Ed Miliband’s commitment to eliminate the vast majority of carbon from the UK power sector by 2030 could cost Britain more than £200bn, according to analysis conducted by The Daily Telegraph. The Labour Party’s manifesto promise to set “a legal target to remove carbon from our electricity supply by 2030” – referred to repeatedly by the Labour leader in speeches since September 2013 and during the election campaign – could result in a huge increase in energy costs for households and businesses.

Daily Mail

Ford axes in-car heart monitors

A project to develop car seats to detect if a driver is having a heart attack has been abandoned by Ford. The car giant’s hi-tech research was part of attempts to keep up with rivals such as Google, which is developing an electric car, and Apple, also said to be keen to enter the market.

£5,000 green car grant could go

A £5,000 subsidy for motorists wanting to go ‘green’ with an electric car could be phased out imminently, according to motoring groups. The Government has said it will be reviewing the level of grants for ultra-low-emission vehicles over the coming months to avoid ‘exhausting the budget too quickly’


The National Franchised Dealers’ Association reports that latest figures show petrol sales are at a record low. Volume sales for March fell 10% over the previous year’s total for the month and so were the smallest for 25 years.

They came after a 4% rise in February, which the NFDA attributes to pump prices that were 22p per litre lower than a year ago. Diesel fuel sales overtook those of petrol eight years ago and last year stood at 27.9bn litres against 17.6bn litres.

However, pressure from the EU to reduce the level of nitrous oxide in the UK’s air is expected to prompt Govt initiatives encouraging drivers to switch to new, highly efficient petrol engines, however.

Posted by Lois Hardy on 05/05/2015