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What the Papers SayBack

The Financial Times

Unshackled Premier pushes on with agenda


Queen’s Speech will include expanded Right to Buy scheme, measures to create apprenticeships and reduction in benefits cap

Scottish Nationalists offer support to businesses paying staff ‘living wage’

Scotland is launching a programme that will give special government support to companies that promise to pay a “living wage” and take other action to promote productivity, fairness and diversity.

The Scottish National party administration sees the “business pledge” programme as a way of boosting productivity while meeting social goals such as improving income equality.

Productivity slowdown a ‘global’ phenomenon

Low worker output poses a threat to living standards, says US think-tank

Output per worker grew last year at its slowest rate since the millennium, with a slowdown evident in almost all regions, underscoring how the problem of lower productivity growth is now taking on global proportions.

Companies and Markets

Shell warns of Artic output delays

Oil group says securing environmental approvals will prevent production until the 2030s

Oil reserves that Royal Dutch Shell hopes to find in the Artic are unlikely to be brought into production before the 2030s because of the difficulty in securing environmental approvals, executives leading the exploration have said.

Scepticism over Fiat chief’s call for cars tie-ups

Analysts point to Marchionne’s large borrowings and big investment plans

…Sergio Marchionne, chief executive of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, last month gave a presentation on mergers and acquisitions, the latest in a series of calls for consolidation in the industry from the former accountant and lawyer

Shell ready to seize its Artic drilling chance

Success or failure of highly challenging and long-delayed project is critical to future of oil development off Alaska coast

Calpers and Calstrs urge G7 to agree emissions-cutting target

The chief executives of US public pensions groups Calpers and Calstrs have taken the unusual step of urging G7 finance ministers to back a firm goal for cutting greenhouse gas emissions in the global climate change deal due to be sealed in Paris this year.


The Times

Cut speed limit on rural roads to curb ‘aggressive’ overtaking

Speed limits on rural roads should be cut because of an increase in the number of motorists attempting “aggressive and selfish” overtaking manoeuvres ministers have been told.

The default limit should be set at 50mph- down from 60mph- as part of an initiative to cut the number of deaths and serious injuries on single-track country lanes, according to Brake, the road safety charity.

Half of motorists fail police drug tests

Up to half of the motorists pulled over by police in some regions are failing drug tests, figures show.

About 56 per cent of drivers given “drugalyser” tests in South Yorkshire were found to have taken illegal substances, while numbers were as high as 45 per cent in London.

Britain’s Warsaw Alliance

The election of a president in Poland who shares some of David Cameron’s demands for reform of the European Union offers the prime minister a diplomatic opening.


Employers demand early poll on Brexit

David Cameron should not delay calling a referendum over Britain’s continuing membership of the European Union but should hold a poll by the end of next year at the latest, according to one of Britain’s leading employers’ confederations.

Britain patently lags far behind world’s best for innovation

…Britain’s new generation of inventors appear to have fallen far behind their European counterparts in bringing new products to market.

Motor insurers pay out more than they receive

Motor insurers suffered a second successive set of annual losses last year, despite evidence that they are imposing price increases on drivers.


The Daily Telegraph

Road and jet noise fuelling obesity epidemic

Living near a main road can cause people to gain weight, while living under a flight path doubles the risk of obesity, a study into noise pollution has found.


‘Misleading’ GDP under scrutiny as revised data suggest economy is stronger than was feared

Updated first-quarter figures from the ONS raises questions over official calculations

The Guardian

Bonuses fuel drive to exploit new fossil fuel fields

Huge rewards on offer for chiefs of big five oil firms

Activist shareholders urge companies to cut spending

Posted by Lois Hardy on 26/05/2015