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What the Papers SayBack

The Financial Times

PM urged to reveal EU renegotiation plan


Tory eurosceptics demand details of new deal for UK membership

Ministers will detail further cuts to welfare bill in Budget

The chancellor and welfare secretary have insisted they will push ahead with plans to cut a further £12bn a year from the welfare bill.

SME growth back at pre-crash levels

The mood of entrepreneurs and small businesses has picked up in the second quarter since the elections, with revenues, profits, staffing and wages rising.

Law threatens to hit the brakes on Uber

Over-regulation could be a fatal blow to ride-hailing services

The Times

Middle-lane hog fined

A motorist was convicted of “hogging” the middle lane of a motorway.


The Daily Mail

Drivers ‘baffled by no-claims discounts’

Millions of drivers are paying for no-claims protection on their car insurance in the mistaken belief it will stop their premiums rising, it is claimed.

Steer clear! 4 in 10 vow never to return to same used car dealer

Four in ten motorists have such a bad experience buying a used car they would never use the same dealer again, a survey reveals today.

Many vowed not to return after feeling they were ripped off with a duff model or given terrible customer service.

Posted by Lois Hardy on 22/06/2015