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What the Papers SayBack

The Financial Times

Treasury has £15bn more wiggle room, say economists


Economists say George Osborne is likely to have up to £15bn more wiggle room on the public finances than expected three months ago, easing the path to a budget surplus

Tax cuts favoured over forcing employers to raise wages

The government’s determination to cut £12bn from the welfare bill has ignited a fierce debate about the causes and possible remedies for low pay and working poverty

Debate rages over genuine voice of British business

Criticism of the CBI employers’ association by cabinet minister Sajid Javid has intensified a discussion on representative bodies

As the aftershocks of the financial crisis continue to reverberate across Europe and the debate over Britain’s membership of the EU heats up, it has rarely been so important for business to get its views across. But who, among the many lobby groups, genuinely speaks for British business?

HMRC shows strain after years of cuts and 40% staff reduction

Tax authority fears extra £80m of savings this year will affect modernisation plans

After 10 years shedding two-fifths of its workforce at the UK tax authority.

Companies and Markets

Brazil set to loosen oil investment rules

Opening deposits to more private backing would ease strain on Petrobas

Retailers think outside the big box

Chains including Carpetright and Ikea experiment with city shops holding online orders

The Times

Europe faces crisis after gambling Greeks say No

Devastating blow for Union as referendum rejects austerity

Greek voters gambled on a future outside the euro last night, dealing the European Union and the single currency a devastating blow

Team GB coach calls for a truce with motorists

The “war” between cyclists and drivers on the roads must be brought to an end, according to David Brailsford, Britain’s leading cycling coach.

The Daily Telegraph

Cut top rate tax to 40p, says Boris

Thee top rate of income tax should be cut to 40p and all workers should be paid the living wage, Boris Johnson says today.

The Daily Mail

Top Gear for Honda exports

Honda’s hottest hatchback is to be exported from its UK factory in Swindon back to Japan

The shipping of the new British-build Honda Civic Type R to Japanese customers is seen as a huge vote of confidence in the factory and Britain’s economy.

Posted by Lois Hardy on 06/07/2015