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What the Papers SayBack

The Financial Times

Corporate tax avoiders face ‘special measures’

Persistent offenders warned to expect harsher penalties and exposure

MPC ‘finely balanced’ as rates rise edges closer

Members could be swayed by a firming recovery and better conditions in Greek economy

Ousted FCA chief rues leaving

The ousted head of the Financial Conduct Authority has admitted that he is disappointed to be leaving the City watchdog

‘Nudge’ unit beats targets to elbow its way past sceptics

Initiative to alter behaviour realises more savings than expected and is copied

A government team set up to ‘nudge’ people into making better decisions about their lives has confounded Whitehall scepticism, making back 20 times its original investment within two years, its chief executive has disclosed.

UAE drops fuel subsidies to bolster finances

Gulf state will save billions of dollars as it seeks to cut car use and emissions

Companies and Markets

Carmakers look to head off tech rivals with Nokia maps

Daimler, BMW and Audi deal for Here could prove essential to self-driving vehicle success

It takes a big prize for Germany’s three leading carmakers to throw aside their historic rivalries and club together

The Times

Higher earners risk big hit from any merger of taxes on income

Merging income tax and national insurance could make high earners hundreds of pounds worse off, tax experts have said.


Carmakers in the fast lane as sales surge overseas

An upturn in European car buying is sending British carmaking towards record numbers.

British assembly lines have just had their busiest six months since 2008, making 793,642 in the first half of the year.

Promise of no jams tomorrow

It is a catalogue of the motorways that drivers may wish to avoid in the coming months and years, but at £1.55 billion, it is Highways England’s solution to the long-term congestion on the nations supposedly fast roads.

Rise in job vacancies exposes shortage of skills

The British jobs market has grown by a fifth compared with last year as employers look to fill roles to capitalise on the economic recovery.

Experian backlash

Experian’s remuneration report was rejected by 35 per cent of investors at the credit checking company’s annual meeting.

The Daily Mail

Fraud alert over new tap and pay bank cards

Thieves use scanners to steal account details— even when contactless card’s in your wallet

Contactless bank cards may be exposing millions of customers to the risk of fraud

Tests show that thieves armed with scanners can capture the numbers and expiry dates on the cards and use them for online purchases.

Fancy a spin in the clouds?

(A US based company unveiled a vehicle with fold out wings and propellers)

Posted by Lois Hardy on 23/07/2015