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Abolition of tax discsBack


From 1 October 2014, the paper tax disc will no longer be issued and required to be displayed on vehicles.

DVLA holds a digital record of taxed and untaxed vehicles.If you have any remaining months left on your current paper tax disc from 1 October 2014, you can either remove the tax disc from your vehicle or display the disc until it expires.

Checking the tax status of a vehicle:You can check the tax status of your vehicle online. DVLA will still notify you when your vehicle tax is due for renewal. You will still need to renew your vehicle tax even if your vehicle is exempt eg historic tax class.

Buying or selling a vehicle: When buying a used vehicle you will be able to use the V5C/2 – new keeper supplement to pay vehicle tax at a Post Office branch, along with the MOT certificate (if applicable) and fee. From 1 October 2014 you will also be able to pay your vehicle excise duty using the V5C/2 online or by phone.

When selling a vehicle to a new vehicle keeper: the vehicle excise duty/tax disc will no longer be transferable. Vehicle tax will end when a vehicle is sold and the new keeper will need to get the vehicle taxed immediately before the vehicle can be used on the public highway.

Paying vehicle tax by Direct Debit:

From 1 November 2014 you can pay your vehicle tax online by Direct Debit either:

  • annually
  • 6 monthly
  • monthly

Whichever option you choose, the payments will continue automatically until you tell DVLA to stop taking them or you cancel the Direct Debit with your bank.

If you have been paying your tax annually or every 6 months, you will get a refund for any full calendar months left on the tax period when you tell DVLA you no longer require tax.

When the Direct Debit scheme canno be used: Paying by Direct Debit will not be available to:

  • first registration vehicles (motorcycles, cars and trucks)
  • fleet schemes
  • HGVs (paying the Road User Levy)

Declaring your vehicle is off the road (SORN):DVLA will automatically stop taking Direct Debit payments from your bank once you declare the vehicle off-road (SORN)

Dealer concerns:

From October 2014, dealers need to understand that any part exchange cars with un-expired tax cannot be used on the road, as from then road tax is non-transferable.

Likewise, dealers will need to either check online with the DVLA that customer vehicles in for service/repair that will be driven, are taxed or have customers sign a confirmation that the vehicle is taxed or use Trade-Plates before road testing on the public highway.

It is an offence to drive an untaxed vehicle on the road and the penalties will apply to the driver and also the Company/Director for allowing this to happen.



Posted by Sue Robinson on 11/04/2014