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Can Trackers be Fitted to Company VehiclesBack

MILSLogo2“Is it possible to place trackers on company vehicles/parts vans covertly, I don’t think this is possible and think we would have to warn staff if this is going to be the case. Could you confirm as to whether we would have to tell staff and consult and what the implications are for the company”.

It is possible to place trackers on company vehicles simply because it is property of the company, however, employees who drive those vehicles must be made aware. This is for data protection purposes because it forms part of processing your employee’s data to which they should be aware and give consent.

A potential snag is whether you allow employees to use company vehicles for their personal use. If so, then ordinarily there should be a provision to be able to switch off the tracker outside business hours.

It would be worthwhile updating your company handbook to provide a provision that trackers are included in company vehicles. In terms of advising your employees at present, a suitably worded memo/letter would suffice and reasonable notice prior to the trackers either being fitted or, if already fitted, the monitoring starting.

Andrew Macmillan, Solicitor, Motor Industry Legal Services

Posted by Sue Robinson on 25/09/2015